Talk of the week – Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles”


On February 11th, 2012, protests were held against ACTA in more than 200 European cities. Facebook, Google, yahoo and many more already understand the way their consumers are thinking. Tailored ads and personification, more efficient search results are supposed to help us navigating better and more efficaciously through the loads of information out there. But who is controlling the floods of information?

Who is deciding what we get to see and what not. And what happens when the government or any other institution is trying to regulate the content we are allowed to see and which not. Are we talking about a renaissance of the medieval list of forbidden books? Will there be a websites black list?

We get trapped in a filter bubble and don’t get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview and enrich us with new perspectives. Eli Pariser argues powerfully that this will ultimately prove to be bad for us and bad for democracy.


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