#TBT: Your 3 favourite TEDxBlog articles of 2014

At TEDxVienna, we care not just about spreading ideas presented at our talks. Our bloggers challenge themselves regularly with the quest of finding interesting stories and curious pieces of information which strike a chord – with you. Thanks to the invention of #TBT we now get the chance to look back on some of our communities favorite blogging memories of 2014.

Over the turn of the new year, our team went and did some statistics. The result is this shortlist of the most-viewed articles within the last 12 months. If you missed them, you now have the chance to make amends, if you already read them, now is the time to do it again. Here we go:

Scientists are ignorant

Vienna has transformed into one of the most important European research and development hubs: nine universities, five technical colleges and around 1 300 research institutions shape out the perfect examination environment for … ignorants. And chances are, you are one of them. It seems that many of you out there wanted to find out why in some cases, that is not to be considered a negative trait. Based on the TED Talk by Stuart Firestein – Professor, neurologist and scientific researcher at the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Columbia – this article about the pursuit of ignorance was one of your favourites in 2014

Click here to read the full article by Alexandra Manoliu

Job Hunting 2.0

New year, new job – that’s what they say. And apparently, it’s true for many: For several years now, January has proved to a prime job hunting time. Furthermore, the widespread use of social media channels has opened up new opportunities to attract attention to one’s profile. The TEDxBlog featured some examples to both entertain, inspire and motivate you. Because the possibilities to use the Internet and social media to boost one’s job hunt guarantee options for every budget, every sector and every kind of personality.

Click here to read the full article by Melinda Bor 

Medicine: Personalize This

Even if all humans start out with the same body construct in-utero, the interplay of genetics and environmental factors give us the diversity that we all take pride in. However, in a world where we can personalize everything, some still aim to find the cure all in the little white pill that saves all of us. However, the manifold possibilities of personalized medicine provide you with some points to consider, including increased safety and efficiency, lower costs, faster trials and many more. This controversial issue has not gotten any colder over the last few months and is therefore still worth a read!

Click here to read the full article by Irene Praisler 

TEDx is all about you

Of course, this remains merely a small collection of your favourite ideas that we discussed over the last year. As some of you might know, we keep looking for new themes and issues on a regular basis. As of January, we have been finding means to ESCAPE, while come February we will start DRIFTING to unknown and undiscovered spheres.

Since TEDxVienna depends on its community and participation, we give immense value to your input. In form of comments in our social media channels or within the blog, we love to engage in a dialogue with you.

So, please tell us: What was your favourite article in 2014? Or is there a specific idea worth spreading that you care for? Just drop us a hint and it will be covered on the blog in the future.

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