How our Creative & Tech/ IT Team prepares for SIMPLEXITY

Around 1.000 attendees, 6 satellite events and nine team members in total to make sure that everything runs smoothly (and nothing explodes). Did you ever wonder how our Creative & Tech/IT Team prepares for this year’s TEDxVienna SIMPLEXITY?

Without wanting to give our secret IT recipe away, we couldn’t help but share some of the most simplex numbers with you!

TEDxVienna curator Vlad with some of the Creative& Tech/IT team members: Timar, Rareș (Team Lead), Hakan and Mwape.



It took Hakan 5 deployments of the TEDxVienna app to the Google Play Store, each of which took 5 minutes.

30 emails & 20 phone calls

That is how often the Team contacted our server provider in order to set up a ‘https’ protocol across the TEDxVienna website.

7 glasses of wine

Rumour has it that Mwape is like Zuckerberg, but instead of drinking beer while taking care of Facebook he drinks wine while implementing TEDexa. TEDexa who, you ask? Well, ever wanted to try out new forms of communication while remaining engaged and having fun? The TEDxVienna Team brings you our most innovative interactive yet. Convert any spoken sentence of any length to Morse code, binary or Braille effortlessly. Hear your results and share with others on the fly!


That is how often Mwape had to repeat the wake work „Alexa” throughout the development of the project. Cheers to that!


Stoyan compiled, minified, tinyfied and optimized the website in 6 seconds– but it took him 6 minutes to deploy it to the server. Overall the website for this year was made with about 160 commits (new patches of code & functionality).

From 100 to 500

Stoyan also upped the upload speed of the Volkstheater network from 100Mbps to 500Mbps using an access point. This was done so that it is fast enough to live stream high quality videos.

You have more tech and IT- related questions for our team? Comment them below, we are looking forward to sharing more insight with you!

picture credits: pixabay

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