TEDxAmRing talks finally ONLINE!!!

Did you miss the TEDxAmRing event? Or would you like to see the talks again? Maybe forward your favorite talk to your friends? Hoorrrayy! Finally it is possible because the TEDxAmRing talks are ONLINE!

Change – worth fighting for

The TEDxAmRing talks, by incredible speakers, were truly inspirational, motivating and even provoking. Absolutely brilliant! While spanning diverse topics including improved condom design, modernization of healthcare and increased public awareness and education, they all showed that everyone can help to change the world for the better!

So sit back and let these eight stories of innovation, courage and braveness open new horizons and break new grounds.

“A social movement to fight AIDS, malaria and tb and end the epidemics” – Mark Dybul

“Condoms: Consumer Protection or Consumer Deception? The Marketing Myth is Exposed” – Danny Resnic

“My m-Health Journey: How technology and empathy can change lives” –  Saijai Liangpunsakul

“I have something to tell you” – Adrain Chesser

“The Unstoppable Future of Love, Respect and Tolerance” – Conchita Wurst

“Sex and Secrets”  – Regan Hofmann

“MTV vs HIV—how media can save lives” – Bill Roedy

“Who are our Rulers – and what can we do?” – Vivienne Westwood

Which talk is your favorite and why? Use the comment section below to let us know what made the strongest impression on you!

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