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everything now

Moments of awe at TED and TEDx events come often from unexpected places, but almost always due to the forward thinking theme choices. This year we felt a deepening connection to acceleration. Both from a personal and societal perspective. And all fueled by an exponential growth in technological innovation. So after much debate whilst defining this trend, this spirit of our times, we coined the term …


Derived from the words ‘instant’ and ‘insanity’, it symbolizes the spirit of our technologically minted times: everything now. In a single minute, we could cook a microwave meal, or snap and print a photo, gather all the necessary information at the press of a single button, and even control an avatar with our mere thoughts. Technological development has become instant, but could that drive us insane? How could a human brain whose developmental processes occur in phases understand and make the best use of technological achievements that have been exponentially growing at an amazingly fast rate? At our conference, we would like to spread the ideas of people who make this exponential development possible. At the same time, we would like to explore the boundaries that have been significantly shaken and pushed by the instant technological development; how technology re-shapes our human nature and how we learn to control for the risks that inevitably come with it.

As the world becomes interconnected, the ways we relate and learn about one another (and the rules about what we share) are changing. Another expression to outline this idea might be “increased expectations”, and maybe the following video could point to an aspect of the instane society we are actively inhabiting:

Our awesome speakers will help us define the idea throughout the day and the various activities we will surprise you with, will definitely enhance our sense of awakening to the reality of acceleration, be it good or bad.

On the conference day, you will …

• experience emotions of excitement, hilarity, wonder, inspiration … and extreme tiredness
• gain at least three insights that will significantly impact the way you see the world
• make a connection, either intellectual or personal, that will powerfully impact your work
• enjoy moments of intense aesthetic pleasure — both visual and aural
• meet one, two or three people who will become close friends

Immersive hands on events, interactive experiences, intense conversation breaks … At TEDxVienna, some of the most important ideas are generated when attendees and speakers connect with each other. We offer many ways to make sure they do. In the coming weeks up to the event, we will bring you closer to our speakers and our planned activities. Until then, check out our Facebook event here and make sure to book your seat here as the number of seats is limited. We can’t wait to welcome you on the 3rd of November when the doors of the Odeon Theatre open!


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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