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I am the City 2.0. Dream me. Build me. Make me real.

What is City 2.0? City 2.0 is a conversation as much as a concept, one to which we all can contribute. TED has created the City 2.0 platform, a web site that crowd sources the discoveries of urban advocates and can serve as a launching pad for public discussion and urban actions.

On 20 September, 2013, TEDx City 2.0 events will take place in more than 50 cities on six continents, including New York City, London, Singapore, and Berlin. Speakers will comprise the world’s leading scientists, architects, urban planners, and decision makers.

The Unfinished City

TEDxVienna will also host a City 2.0 event on 20 September at Weltmuseum Wien in the Hofburg. The theme for the event will be The Unfinished City, which views cities as verbs and processes as much as nouns and places. Topics will range from smart cities and changing paradigms of urban planning to bicycle urbanism, the hidden stories of immigration, and even street art. The important thing about the talks is that all speakers for this event are based in Vienna, and all talks will root their topics locally.

As both one of the world’s most livable and most innovative cities, Vienna is rightfully proud of its quality and its accomplishments. And yet Vienna’s success also gives rise to perhaps its greatest threat: The illusion of its completion. The fact is that there is still much to do in Vienna, as in every city. TEDxVienna City 2.0 aims to draw attention to these tasks and open a discussion of how to get them done.

Thus, the event will address key issues affecting the people of Vienna, the physical environment of the city, and the ways in which the two interact. Speaking of interaction, TEDxVienna City 2.0 will move beyond traditional TED events by embracing the spirit of democratic participatory urbanism. An interactive experience based on the speakers’ projects will be included, as well as discussions within the breaks in which the speakers will engage in dialogue with the audience.

This is not the City of Tomorrow. This is not Utopia. The City 2.0 is real and it is happening right now. Homo sapiens have become an urban species and the City 2.0 is where its future will take shape. Join TEDxVienna for a night of ideas worth sharing, actions worth taking, and futures worth making.

Stay tuned for more details on the program and the speakers which will be announced on our blog very soon.

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