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The team of Tedxvienna is bringing you talks from the second day of the TED Global Conference in Edinburgh. We have set up an event were talks from the 7. Session intitled Long Term, will be streamed live.

Be sure to be there to catch something of the experience of the TedGlobal Conference, the place were brilliant minds meet to start shaping the future. Join us on the 27. June, from 17:00 to 21:00, at Deutsche Pop Academy Vienna. Get your Free Ticket here!

Let’s take a closer look to the speaker you will be seeing at this event:

Vicki Arroyo – Environmental Policy Influencer


Vicki Arroyo uses environmental law and her background in biology and ecology to help prepare for global climate change.
Using the best available science, Arroyo collaborates with US policymakers at both the state and federal level to develop “planetary management” strategies.

Jonathan Trent – Scientist and Biofuel Guru

OMEGA Project

Not only does Jonathan Trent grow algae for biofuel, he wants to do so by cleansing wastewater and trapping carbon dioxide in the process. And it’s all solar-powered. Jonathan works at NASA’s nanotechnology dept., where he builds microscopic devices out of proteins from extremophiles.

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore- Cognitive Neuroscientist

The Blakemore Lab

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore studies the social brain-the network of brain regions involved in understanding other people-and how it develops in adolescents. Remember being a teenager? So does Sarah-Jayne Blakemore. And what she and others in her field are finding is: The adolescent brain really is different.

Susan Solomon – Stem Cell Advocate


Susan Solomon enables private support for human embryonic stem cell research that aims to cure major diseases. Solomon’s health care advocacy stems from her son’s Type 1 diabetes and her mother’s fatal cancer. Her foundation conducts all facets of stem cell research from growing the cells to drug discovery.

Jamie Drummond- Anti-poverty activist


Jamie Drummond co-founded the advocacy organization ONE, whose central themes are ending extreme poverty and fighting the AIDS pandemic. Right now, the group’s focus is the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, eight benchmarks for health, justice and well-being targeted to be achieved in 2015.

Usman Riaz – Percussive Guitarist

Fire Fly

Young guitarist Usman Riaz pulls a rich, swirling sound out of the acoustic guitar. TEDGlobal Fellow Usman Riaz is a young Pakistani musician making a worldwide mark with his astonishing and fun-to-listen-to technique. Influenced by percussive guitarists Riaz makes a sound that feels larger than the instrument itself.

Preston Reed – Revolutionary Guitarist


Preston Reed’s hands have an otherworldly coordination. The fingers, nails, thumbs, and palms of both left and right dance, pluck, strum, and slap his guitar, which bursts with a full sound. Reed’s deep chords, complex percussion, and weightless melodies create an unparalleled one-man show.

Join us for the livestream event by clicking here, find some inspiring ideas worth spreading, consider it to be one of the warmups for the TEDxVienna event this autumn.


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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