TEDxVienna Unlimited: one tweet per talk 3

Nothing catches and preserves the “Look & Feel” of last Saturday’s TEDxVienna Unlimited better than the hundreds and hundreds of #TEDxVienna-tweets that appear on Twitter, thoughtful and thought provoking, inspired and inspiring – and many of them mind-blowingly witty and hilarious.
We are happy to present you a miniature selection of what was going on Twitter before, after and between the 17 talks on Saturday – and thank you all for sharing your ideas, impressions and insights with us and the world.


Mark Kramer: “Exploring the Limits of Healthcare – A Transatlantic Experience“



Martha Merrow: Why circadian clocks?


Ian Usher: A Life Unlimited


Aubrey de Grey: Rejuvenation biotechnology: the sweet spot between prevention and treatment of age-related ill-health



Jocelyn Bell Burnell: We are made of star stuff


Daniel Dewey: The Long-Term Future of AI (and what we can do about it)


Mark Post: Bounty or boundary of beef

Neil Ibata: Upon a dark canvas: the ordered motions of Andromeda’s satellite galaxies



Auma Obama: Opportunities unlimited – Poverty is no excuse!


Samar Jodha: Sustainability And Capacity Building Through Art


Mark Miletich & Ip Wilschin: The Ginger Paradigm

 Annemieke Hendriks: Tomato? TOMATO? Food chain madness


Carl Djerassi: Sex as always but reproduction under the microscope



Manel Torres: From Fashion to Technology – creating a new material


Michael Stevens: Why Do We Ask Questions?


Johannes Bergerhausen: decodeunicode — The world’s writing systems


Elif Bilgin: Going Bananas: redefining plastics


Vegetable Orchestra


So, is there anything left to say?


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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3 thoughts on “TEDxVienna Unlimited: one tweet per talk

  • Ian

    Great post. I too now have a favourite new word – “Social jetlag” – I think I suffered a bit of that this weekend.
    What a great event. What an amazingly professional team the volunteers at TEDxVienna are. And what a wonderful city you live in.
    Thank you all at TEDxVienna.
    Ian Usher