That entrepreneurial kick… in Vienna

While looking for help on getting your own business off the ground or just improving your workflow and development, there are a few on- and offline places you can go. You might start on the web. The offer on expertise out there is overwhelming and covers everything from professional hubs to genuine scams. But lets say you have a well rounded personal filter and get through to the valuable sources. Well after solving your targeted issues, you realize you need something more, like a proper environment of like-minded entrepreneurs, sort of a thriving community where everything and everyone evolves organically, while following the same goals. Although this could have some downsides, like perhaps a skewed viewpoint influenced by the congregation, there is plenty of positive potential around such centers.


In Vienna, we have reported of great epicenters of creativity like The HUB, Start Europe or Sektor 5. There are of course other private initiatives like these ones, but as an entrepreneur you also have the possibility of interacting with programs offered by the City of Vienna. One initiative called Mingo is directed at the startup scene, covering a wide array of services, from workshops to consulting. Here is an older video I found, where they show their shared office concept and their services:

We want to check them out and will be attending one of their next free workshops centered around mobile & social media, gamification, digital publishing and film. New media and business opportunities is taking place on the 7th of this month and Innovation and project management for digital media businesses on the 14th. While the titles sound a bit like academic lectures, we still are curious about the opportunities such an endeavor could bring. So there you have it, get your entrepreneurial boots strapped and get to know all the possible environments in Vienna that could kickstart or further fuel your wishes.


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