The career advice you probably didn’t get

Have you heard of Business Strategic Financial Acumen? After this inspiring talk you will know how important it could be for your career.

Ever felt like you are doing just about everything you can at work, improving your performance based on feedback, but you’re just not moving up, and you think to yourself “Why?”. Susan Colantuono shares an easy, but surprising piece of advice which you might not have heard before quite so plainly.

Colantuono raises an interesting question: Why are there so many women mired in the middle and what has to happen to take them to the top?

Colantuono so perfectly explains that in fact, for men or women the key to success is showing you recognise the greatness in you and others to achieve strategic financial goal setting.

Using an illustrative presentation she vividly highlights just how easy it is maybe for women to be able to move up in the corporate ladder.

One of the fascinating anecdotes of the Talk is when she discovers that even well-meaning mentors in corporations treat male and female employees differently. One mentor told Colantuono, “I helped the woman build confidence, I helped the man learn the business, and I didn’t realize that I was treating them any differently.”

Find out how we can overcome such issues in this inspirational Talk. Learn how simple changes can make big career results.

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