The freedom of
your insignificance

This is us.

Existing inside an endless haze of new born stars, merging galaxies and fading suns.

And here you are, reading this, your smartphone battery running low, you’re running late to the next appointment, all the while time is running backwards inside of black holes and collapsing universes. What kind of life is this in which every small decision echoes inside the walls of our dull routine, while the Big Bang might be still resounding in some corners of the universe?

It seems we are only fractions of an unknown world, small and insignificant like sand grains running through ungraspable, indifferent cosmic fingers.

So was it, is it and will it be all in vain?

The wars, the deaths, all the people who died and will live on this planet, their dreams, their actions and their emotions? If we are only a dust particle twirling around in this never ending flow of time and space, what does our existence matter after all? What do we have to gain?

Love is metaphysical gravity – by Itsmi


The freedom of not having anything to lose. The freedom to be brave and to take risks, to follow whomever and whatever makes us and society happy. In a universe that humankind cannot affect anyways, what remains is the fight for what we can better inside the walls of our small lives. Go on an adventure, be there for others, take care of yourself and the planet.

Be the change you want to see on this Earth, since the universe won’t do it for you.

So doesn’t our insignificance in the universe give us the chance to become better humans in the end?



Dedicated to the ultimate stargazer Stephen Hawking (1948-2018)

Image credits royalty free

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