The Future is all about Context and Collaboration: Foretaste of what is coming next [video]

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to present a forecast for Social Media in Austria which was quite tough, but I started with the current situation and, by describing the present, I found the relevant trends. My forecast seemed to help the French… anyway.The last years were a bit thrilling for all of us, due to the rapid changes, developments and especially due to high speed. Therefore change is not only Obama’s slogan but it’s the 21st Century’s. We could discuss many developments here, but keep it simple: let’s start with the change from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 and the developments around this: Content and Collaborative Consumption.

Ok, I admit, that his video should be known already: we are experiencing this switch right now. How?

It’s all about content and no more “content is king“. There is so much content around in the cloud that the challenge is to find the relevant content and put it in order.
When we are talking about the cloud we can focus on some products, which emerged throughout web 2.0 and give us a hint, what’s coming next.



Car sharing, room sharing, flat sharing or stuff sharing are just the foretastes: a perfect situation for start-ups.

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