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Over the years different artists developed different techniques to bring their imagination to life, but one artist who strays from the norm of people like Van Gogh and Monet is the Malaysian artist/architect Hong Yi, who is known to paint with anything other than a paint brush.

Painters have individual artistic styles that may or may not have changed over the curse of their career. Picasso, for example, is well known for developing different techniques for his works; do the terms blue period and cubism ring a bell? Their artistic techniques may differ, but one common trait these renown European men share, is that their works were all at least painted with brushes.

Coasters are overrated

Yi, who also goes by the name RED, brings her works to life by using various everyday objects to create one of a kind images. She created a portrait of the NBA star Yao Ming by bouncing a basketball on a white plane with red paint.

Another creative method of hers was to create a portrait of the musician Jay Chou with coffee cup stains which took a total of 12 hours to complete.

“I had to also wait for the lighter parts too dry up before stamping on the darker rings” she says, while explaining her work in her portfolio.

RED’s painting methods are very much related to our topic of last month (#ManyFacesof), where we turned everyday objects into images we would not have noticed at first sight. (The images we shared on our Facebook page will surely put a smile on your face).

Going beyond the canvas

Nowadays, it is all about being innovative and discovering different and newer ways to inspire others and that is exactly what RED is doing.

In an interview, Yi stated she prefers to use materials that connect with the person or subject she is about to “paint”. Her inspiration comes from the object and everything that is associated with the object. Before beginning her work it is important for her to do a lot of research on the person she wishes to portray. Only then can she put thought to paper.

Her work has spread all across the internet and she is determined to persevere when it comes to her art. “I want to challenge myself to not take these objects for granted, but to see potential in creating art using these objects.” In one of her blog postings, Yi sends a message to her audience, hoping to inspire them and to make them see fun and joy in even ordinary things they might come across.

Art is everywhere

Ji Lee (who by the way is the inspiration for the featured photo), Fra Biancoshock and Tineke Meirink are also creative personalities whose witty images have been circling around the internet for quite a while. As a communication designer, an illustrator and a street artist, the for-mentioned people work in different fields and possess individual skills of their own to draw attention to their work.

Creative minds such as Lee, Meirink and RED strive to express themselves by encouraging people to view the world from a different perspective. Their art work is not just new and unique; it gets you to think about objects you would usually dispose of. Yi and Meirink have the same intake on the world. The illustrator and the artist see everything from a different angle. In their eyes “inspiration is everywhere“.

Mothers tell their children not to play with their food, but why not take playing with your food to another level and tell a story like Yi did with “The three little pigs”?
If you are not very skilled with food art try something different, like food music. Ever thought of using a pumpkin as a percussion instrument? A whole musical composition can be arranged by replacing  trumpets and claves with zucchinis and carrots.
The Vegetable Orchestra is a group of musicians (or in their case vegetarians?) that perform at different occasions and present their music to everyone. The Vienna based artists also appeared on stage for TEDxVienna and fascinated the audience with their authentic musical rendition.

Are you familiar with anyone who enjoys creating something great out of the littlest things? Perhaps a friend who prefers painting with a lipstick rather than with an ordinary brush?

Leave a comment and share their pictures with us!


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