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Imagine someone is coming up to you, asking this cunning question: „What is art for you today?“

Could you provide your ultimate answer without measurable delay? Yes? Wow, amazing. No? You might want to start your walk with Tyree Guyton and the creative community around 3600 Heidelberg Street, Detroit (US).

The Heidelberg Project is a demonstration of the power of art as a catalyst for change.“

Before starting, let me ask a question that came up: „What is a good present for an awesome, we-orientated movement that is vibrant for a quarter century. In the middle of run-down streets, walls and derelict houses. In Crime-Detroit-City?“ Honestly: I don’t have a clue.

Giving artist Tyree Guyton, founder of the project, some minutes to introduce himself and the movement – might be a well fitting opening:

Due to the fact that they are celebrating the 25th anniversery, I find it appropriate to share some of their colorful, must have seen, inspirational creations and designs. Coming up straight from their front- and backyards, right here on TEDxVienna:

(photo via)

(photo via)

(photo via)

Besides the worldwide recognition of this art project and it’s unique transformational spirit in the neigborhood, I’m totally fascinated and curious by these people. If you feel likewise, this is how you might satisfy your thirst:

Read more about The Story or The Mission & Vision Statement on their official Website. Visit the Heidelberg Project on Facebook or send them a Tweet. Additional pictures can be found on Flickr. If you’re still being thirsty or hungry, you could move on and visit some Blogs or explore the area with Google Street View. Feel their power of art. Their art of power.

To keep this post straightforward, I bring it to an end with the words of Little Miss Detroit – a young woman, loving her hometown:

„Real art tells a story. Whether it is an account of bourgeois life in 18th century France, or the tale of human suffering during the Spanish Inquisition, art is a documentation of society’s history and evolution.



Special thanks to a good friend of mine, who told me about this visionary project and gave me the input for this story.

Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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