The interspecies internet? An idea in progress…

Get ready to be amazed!

When we thought technology has reached the highest peak in human history that we’re still struggling to fully understand, the fathers of the Internet, designers of an network that has literally shifted our lives to an entirely new, complex and improved dimension, have come together again to think about taking their “little” breakthrough to an even higher level. If you think we’re about to talk about the Internet of things, a concept that you’ve certainly heard of multiple times so far, you’re wrong. We know that’s already yesterday’s news.

Simple, fundamental facts or ideas are the basis of novelty. We know that the Internet is all about connectivity and we also know that what differentiates humans from other species is consciousness. So, what happens when the right people start thinking deeply about these two facts and are able to prove them? A new vision is born: The Interspecies Internet.

Diana Reiss, animal cognition researcher, has proved in her studies that apes, dolphins and elephants own remarkable capabilities, so far thought to be valid only for humans: communication, self-awareness and consciousness. This idea intrigued Peter Gabriel, musician and powerful human rights advocate, who took a step further and tested these special capabilities of animals through music. And they asked themselves, what if music isn’t the only window to the animals’ minds? They got in touch with Vint Cerf, who helped lay the foundations for the internet more than 30 years ago and Neil Gershenfeld, Director of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, who enjoys exploring the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. And so, a more complex question arises: How can we create new interfaces into the minds of animals with the technologies that exist today? Not only would this allow us to explore animal intelligence more easily, but it would also help us explore, encourage and facilitate communication between different species.

They launched this idea at TED and their fascinated talk is a call for thought and action that will contribute to the transformation of a vision into reality. Have a look!


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