Ask the lonely! Then make better technology!

Technology has proven to be great for many things, but at the same time it can be the worst. Today we are going to focus on the good side! Technology fighting loneliness. Karen Dolva and her Team are developing technical devices that help minimize loneliness. In her Talk last October Karen showed us two of her projects, which make the world a little friendlier. In her interview she told us about new projects and upcoming ideas.

All by yourself? Not anymore!

She and her team develop products that empower people to be a part of our society. People whose life situations prevent them from doing so. Specifically, chronically ill children, who cannot go to school or birthday parties because they are tied to their beds. The AV1 was developed to let children participate in class or talk to their peers, who are physically not able to be present. Karen claims, you need to spend time with your consumers and find out what they really need. So they find an individual solution for a particular problem.

Karen also managed to design a product for senior citizen. Often they do not know how to use modern technology or a physically incapable to do so. When people, who could be potential customers, are left out because they don’t understand how to use a product. She claims that the tech industry has failed our society. With this very refreshing approach she and her team tackle an issue that will soon be a wide spread reality for a lot of people: to be left out of a world, that is moving too fast.

Fighting loneliness for the sake of happiness

Loneliness can have many different faces and many different causes. But we know the negative effects of loneliness such as depression and anxiety. But not only is Karen tackling those issues, but also by treating her customers with respect and dignity, she has already given them a lot more attention than the generic tech industry.

We are excited to see which kind of loneliness they will fight next and if other tech companies will follow their lead. In the meanwhile, check out Karen Dolva’s Talk at the last TEDxVienna conference:

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