The power of the people


While various hubs on the internet offer “countless” possibilities of searching for the information we want, most of the commonly used sites provide us with the bits and pieces they think we seek. Engines and social networks update their response queues by the interest trends and information they gather from the users. Therefore, you are practically always asked to join in or give relevant information to a centralized system. But isn’t internet all about decentralisation, power to the people, the crowd… all about crowd sourcing?

Open Street Map is one amazing example of crowd sourcing: at the moment it sums up the work of over 460.000 hobby cartographers from all over the world. Up until now, the community has created different maps around the topics biking, hiking, seas and smoking. They get constantly improved and offer the possibility of free download for navigation systems.

Back in 2010 the Open Street Map community helped the first responders at the horrible earthquake in Haiti: within 36 hours they updated the complet Open Street Map of Haiti and thereby provided the only usable map for the disaster relief workers.


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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