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the secret to a happy life!

Hailey Bartholomew discovered the secret to happiness. Big one, huh?!
If you want to know it, too, you will have to keep on reading.

Don´t we all strive to be happy constantly? And not only for “ordinary happiness” but for “as happy as possible” ? And we try to accomplish this by surrounding ourselves with the newest stuff, the trendiest friends, the coolest job, the best ideas, the greatest holidays, the smartest choices. But can true happiness – the kind that fulfills us in life – really be achieved by assembling material objects, lots of relationships? By the constant attempt for excellence?

Life felt like a treadmill to Hailey Bartholomew. She deeply knew that she had a good life, but she was not able to enjoy it in any way. She had two healthy kids, a lovely partner, however she did not “feel anything for her life”. Her concerns began when they started withholding her from being a good mum and partner.

sample-polaroidYou can use your favorite umbrella on rainy days

In search of a new perspective and attempting to create a happier self, she turned to a life-coaching and counseling nun. Hailey was told that the secret to happiness was probably as easy as reflection and gratitude. Underwhelmed at first she gave in to the idea of a ten-day project. For these ten days she would reflect for ten minutes of each day and find one thing that she felt grateful for. “Not the things you are supposed to be grateful about, but the stuff that really makes you feel truly grateful”, she explains. This project proved to be very successful for Hailey and being a photographer she decided to take a picture a day of something she was grateful for.

“Maybe what you have is already enough”

So, why not follow in Hailey Bartholomew’s footsteps, try it out yourself and see if it makes you notice and appreciate the many great things that you already have in your every day life. You can start your own ten-day (or 365 day) project and count (and note down) your blessings every day and maybe let us know how that went for you in the comment section below.

Need the final kick to get started?
Watch the incredibly touching and very personal TEDxQUT talk
“365 grateful project” by Hailey Bartholomew:



Header: Alina Nikolaou
Umbrellas: Hailey Bartholomew

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