The secrets of people who love their job

What is your passion? What are you good at? What do you want to be?

Ever since we filled out a page in our classmate’s friendship book in elementary, people have been badgering us with these questions. Here we are, years have passed and some of us are still no closer to knowing their answers. On top of that, the questions have been soaked in significance and finding their solution seems to be utterly relevant to living a fulfilling life.

How will you ever find a rewarding job without knowing your passion?
And how could you ever be happy spending most of your day doing something you don’t really enjoy?

To anyone pondering over the key to a successful and at the same time fulfilling career, there is a silver lining after all. And it comes in the form of this TEDx talk by psychologist and author of Making Hope Happen Shane Lopez.

Lopez invites us to rethink a seemingly irrevocable concept: The idea that the one job capable to bring meaning to our lives, is out there somewhere just waiting to be found. And the only path to reach it is by following your passion, whatever it may be.

In spite of this popular approach, Lopez found that most people who actually do love their jobs, did not choose the ideal job to begin with. Instead, they perfected a reasonably enjoyable job by slowly designing it into something that was uniquely theirs. And by doing so not only created a job they love, but were able to reach motivational and happiness highs in their personal lives as well.

So rather than waiting for your passion and that one job you love, why not take matters into your own hands? Learn about the secrets of people who love their job and use those simple tools to shape your own job. Form it. Improve it. Change it into something that makes you shine.
That is when you will find true passion.



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