The show must go on!

A lot of people are familiar with the booming novel called “Eat, Pray, Love”, written by Elizabeth Gilbert – an American author, novelist and essay writer, who had her break-through with that novel. The book was also made into a film by the same name. Nevertheless, her huge break also left her in a tricky position moving forward as a writer to write another successful book. For a simple blink of an eye she was willing to quit, move to the country and raise corgis. However, if she had done that, she would have lost her beloved vacation. That is why she had to take all her energy, write another book – regardless of its quality, at least to stay in the game.

“In other words, I had to find a way to make sure that my creativity survived its own success.”

She has been writing since she was a child and will do so in the future. Elizabeth even kept writing after college, when she got a job as a waitress and worked hard on hopefully being published someday. Nonetheless, for almost six years, everyday she experienced nothing but rejection letters. Perhaps a tremendous amount of people would have been quitting at this time and yet she kept working on writing because it was her HOME, where she felt safe.

“I’m not going to quit, I’m going HOME.”

From time to time we should pull ourselves together, instead of burying our heads in the sand like an ostrich and do the same. You are doing no one a favor! Gilbert says that failure catapults you into a blinding darkness which is out of your life’s norm and can be very frustrating and hard to deal with even worse paralyzing. And if you visualize yourself having success, if you make it there it catapults you just as far away as failure – you only experience it differently.

Why? Because society tells you what is good and what is bad as Gilbert says. Your subconscious mind has no idea what you are talking about, because it is incapable to differentiate between good and bad. It can only feel the emotional experience you are going through. In both cases it is considered dangerous of getting lost out there in the hinterlands of your psyche. Nevertheless there is remedy for self-restoration that every human bears inside and an instinct always desiring your way back home where we feel safe.

Your home could be your family, creativity, traveling, learning new things, making hand crafts, raising every kind of pets and so on. Our point is (as Gilbert says it perfectly) that home can be everything you love more than you love yourself. For the most part, all you have to do is the simplest thing you always have been doing: pull yourself together and get back to work.

“The show must go on!”

Continue your work and do not let stagnation come to you, otherwise there is a 100 % chance you might get stuck in disorientation. If we haven’t convinced you by now finding your home, please go ahead and watch Gilbert’s TED Talk by yourself (or maybe with family). I ensure you, it is not going to be one of those tedious videos, but a worth-a-shot one! We all suffer everyday back slaps or success. However, your attitude and how you deal with it is up to you, perhaps you can start here. At the very end we TEDxer’s keep working hard on creating new unforgettable ideas and experiences for you, because we believe here is our home.


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