The space between us:
Income inequality

The life years you’ll have. The health you will enjoy…or suffer of.

Your social status, the number of friends, how much you will trust them. Your character itself.

Richard Wilkinson calculated the above for you, indicating how income inequality is not only a matter of politics and economy: It is an issue overshadowing your daily life.

For instance, in 2015, 15% of the Norwegian population lived under the risk of poverty or social inclusion, while in Austria it was 18.3%.

In Bulgaria it came up to 41,3% of the total population (Eurostat, 2015).

See, we have the truth. We have the data. We have them here for instance. The question remains as to how long it will take for the numbers to catch up with our lives and the effects of income inequality, like infant mortality or mental illness, to become so unbearably visible in welfare-states, that action will be eventually taken.

Watch the following eye-opening TED Talk not only if you want to become aware of inequality issues, but also if you want to find out the concrete steps a state can follow in order to fight it.

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