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Seven speakers, 300 guests and one team pulled off an amazing event last Thursday, that set the spotlight on CITYx. We’ve learnt about its challenges, its faces, its restless character, its creators and disruptors, its hidden and its most open spaces. We learnt that CITYx is the individual people who shape their city, and it is the city that shapes its people.

CITYx is what we make it.

This is a mini story of what happened at the TEDxVienna CITYx salon as experienced by you, in your tweets. If you want to look for your pretty face among the photos we took at the event, visit us here or go here.

Stay tuned on our social media channels to be the first one to watch the talks once again as soon as they’re online and when you do, keep one thing in mind: sharing is caring!

Thank you for joining us and don’t forget to give us feedback on the event by following the link below. And since we know you’ll miss us too much if a long time will pass until we meet again, here’s where you can register for our annual conference TEDxVienna Brave New Space:

THANK YOU and looking forward to greeting you at TEDxVienna Brave New Space!


Steven Engelsman

C. Schmidt-Mårtensson

Diana Contiu

Matthew Passmore


Pedro Gadanho

Veronika Kovácsová

Bradley Garrett

We hope you enjoyed the breaks with different kind of interactive experiences: from the street art workshop hosted by Galerie Hilger NEXT and curated by Cash, Cans & Candy artist Katrin-Sophie Dworczak and interactive art workshop by Vienna based artist Boicut, Stencil Art workshop by Vienna-based artist Vasilena Gankovska, explored the potential of augmented reality with eoVision and Wikitude, and ride along with former CITYx speaker Florian Lorenz and Smarter Than Car on a Bicycle Urbanism Night Ride. Additionally, they participated in the PaperTown play with our volunteers. If you want to get your Smiletronic picture, just click here!


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