The TEDx Christmas Dinner #NomNomTEDx

One great thing about Christmas is the variety of meals prepared in cultures all around the world. We’d like to discover the Christmas food traditions in Europe and why not, the world. What better way to find out, than from you, our dear TEDx community?

So here’s how you can help us out: Take a photo of your Christmas meal/dinner/sandwich/whatever you eat, post it on one of our social media channels and add the tag #NomNomTEDx to it. We’ll share your photos within our community and have a cool blog “exhibition” with all your works of art.. or food.

A quick online tour into the traditional Christmas meals gave us a first idea on what you‘re going to have for your Christmas dinner. We strongly recommend you not to read this article on an empty stomach!

So here we go, first destination on the list is … Austria! Austrian usually have fried carp, goose, ham served with Glühwein, Rumpunch,  Sacher torte, Christmas cookies (Lebkuchen), as well as many chocolate delicacies including the famous chocolate mousse. In Romania various pork dishes are cooked: piftie, sarmale are two of them. When it comes to sweets, Romanians bake Cozonac filled with chestnuts, cocoa, raisins or Turkish delights. In the Czech Republic, a traditional Christmas meal is the fried carp and potato salad, a tradition that started after excessive increase of fishpond cultivation in the Baroque era. Special Christmas biscuits are baked for the delight of a household‘s visitors on Christmas day.

Moving a bit to the West, in Denmark, the Christmas dinner consists of either roasted pork, goose or duck served along with potatoes, red cabbage and plenty of gravy. The dessert is rice pudding, often with an almond hidden inside. The lucky finder of the almond receives a present also known as the almond gift. The Netherlands has a quite different tradition: the „gourmet“. People gather around a gourmet-set and use their own little frying pan to cook and season their own food in very small portions. Chopped vegetables and different types of meats, fish and prawns/shrimps, salads and sauces are prepared by the host.

In Finland (Joulupöytä) and Sweden (smörgåsbord) a traditional food board is served at Christmas and includes usually a large Christmas ham, fish with mustard or bread along with casseroles with liver and raisins, as well as potatoes, rice, and carrots. In the UK and Ireland the Christmas dinner is made of roast turkey or roast goose sometimes with ham, roast potatoes; steamed or boiled brussels sprouts; stuffing; chipolatas or pigs in blankets; cranberry sauce; with dessert of Christmas pudding (or plum pudding) and brandy butter.

Sharing is caring: Let‘s find out what the world will have for the Christmas dinner! Be creative and let’s make it big, let’s make it resonate within the whole TEDx community!

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