Time Collisions


Growing up our cosmos is so small.

We believe we know everything about the world around us, and as we grow, our horizons expands.

Author Valentina talks about how she felt when she left her comfort zone in order to experience adventures.

Sometimes we can easily lose ourselves in this process,

Just like butterflies, we manage to transform ourselves into something more beautiful and more resilient.

This article will take you on a poetic journey through Valentina’s transformation.

“Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what 

we yearn to be”

Jose Ortega y Gasset.

A collision is an event in which two or more bodies exert forces on each other.

For example when an insect lands on a plant’s leaf, its legs are said to collide with the leaf.

Humans, we collide with life, with our way to go through adversities and progress.

Although we live years protected by our parents nothing can prevent that we are exposed to collisions all the time throughout our life.

Like getting in trouble and finding solutions or being afraid of the uncertain future.

I remember when I was just a small girl at my primary school. At that time everything related with school seemed very boring to me but one day one topic caught my attention, it was metamorphosis. 


Metamorphosis is the process of changing a physical form, structure or substance.

A striking alteration in appearance, character or circumstances. During the process of transformation, there is a phase where the caterpillar digests itself, releasing enzymes (substances which speed up chemical reactions), regulating the process to dissolve all of its tissues.

The art of transformation

Through metamorphosis, the caterpillar changes into the pupa to the adult butterfly.

The larva or caterpillar digests itself, nevertheless the caterpillar develops the “ imaginal discs”  cells which survive the digestive process. Those discs use all the protein required to form the wings, antennae, legs, eyes and all  the other features of an adult butterfly. 

This topic really caught my attention.I was so young, and I was so focused on other aspects of my life, I never asked myself how certain processes happen on this planet.

I was completely amused to learn about the complex and difficult process that insects, such as the caterpillar, have to go through in order to become those beautiful and majestic beings:  butterflies.

This blog post is not a biology class or about my fascination with butterflies.

It is about how humans collide most of the time with circumstances which can change indefinite aspects in the future.

Alain de Botton once said : “ A good half of the art of living is resilience”

That’s what humans are:, fragile and resilient creatures.

I took off from home when I was a naive teenager believing that I knew who I was, yet my personality underwent  many alterations. I believed that I knew everything about myself, that the world was my oyster and that I could do whatever I wanted. 

Until my life collided with the world, society and problems.

Just after it I saw the world that exists outside my thoughts and expectations.

I decided to follow my dream, to go out of my comfort zone.

It did not take too long to realize the actual situation in my country and in many others.

Coming out with this decision made me realize that the world is more than the vague news that I was watching back at home, the actual political situation in latin America not just in my country, how religion has been becoming a reason to kill, to judge and exclude people.

How some humans were fighting for their rights while others couldn’t change their situation due to abuse of power.

Sometimes we are in a bubble, just believing and being superficial without searching for more, keeping the vague information about cultures from streaming  services like Netflix or youtube. 

We lose ourselves in all the innovations,consumerism, problems and obstacles.

Afterwards we feel anxiety and fear of, the unknown there is a lack of hope and resilience.

We settle down some time, living afraid of what we will find once we go out of our comfort zone.

We settle down missing opportunities to live new experiences and learn from them.

When we  decide to cross our personal boundaries beyond our fears and we take our resilience and work to achieve our goals we remember our dreams, our passions, the desire of having a better life, the yearn of seeing the people we love happy.

We heal and grow stronger, more resilient and clever than before then we are able to be conscious.

Still being conscious is not enough.

We have to start our own inner metamorphosis, to work in collaboration.

To collide together and start to generate better possibilities in the future. 

This article is not about biology, this article is about comparing how we, just like caterpillars, can go into a deep transformation.

 How we can collide and connect with the ones that we yearn to be.

Header image:  Sebastian Palomino  via pexels.com


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