Trick Yourself Into a Good Mood

Off days – we all get them. For some reason, or no reason at all, we wake up on the occasional bad day and ask ourselves: Why bother showering? Why bother making lunch? Why bother leaving the house? Why bother turning on the TV? Why bother going to the bathroom? So what most people tend to do is to wait it out. Stay in bed, do nothing and hope for more energy tomorrow. But sometimes you do want to fix your meh mood – you just don’t know how. Here are some quick fixes that will get you through your next blob of demotivation! Prepare to trick your mind into a good mood. 

   1. Get Yourself in Mint Condition

Don’t worry – you’re not going up for sale anywhere. Being in mint condition is meant quite literally. It’s all about scents and the way our brain reacts to them. You might have heard of peppermint foot sprays or other mentholicious body sprays, which are usually sold with the premise of cooling you down in summer. However, on any bad day, no matter the time of year, a refreshing scent can be part of the cure. Your senses will react to the intense scent of menthol and you’ll feel more awake in an instant. Moreover, we generally associate peppermint with fresh, clean and soothing notions, which is beneficial for anyone feeling down in the dumps.


      2. It’s All On Your Head

When feeling the blues, simple every-day tasks can turn into a massive burden. That is why activities that could potentially lift our spirits are often avoided and thus, we get stuck in a vicious cycle of negativity and demotivation. Many online self-help guides like to suggest showering to wake up your body and soul to feel reborn in your freshly moisturized skin. But how does one motivate themselves to go all the way to the bathroom, get towels out of the drawer, and so on and so forth, if the idea of getting undressed is already too big of an odyssey to imagine. This is where your trusty friend the dry shampoo comes in. Even if you’re not planning on leaving the house (sorry, I dared considering it), feeling less greasy can really help you think more clearly.


    3. Edible Assortment Treatment

Alright, that title is just a nonsensical way to spell out E-A-T. But that really is a crucial part of your journey to feeling better. When we’re feeling low, we either tend to forget to fuel our bodies or we simply cannot be bothered to stand in front of the stove. That is why you can never go wrong with having a couple of go-to snacks on standby. Although many experts -rightfully- advise to eat healthy and balanced meals when the blues hit, it is quite unrealistic for somebody who does not even want to get out of bed to cook an intricate vegan dish that is rich in fiber and protein. Therefore, it is only human to choose the quick fix over the healthy choice. To avoid super bad choices however, be sure to keep a cupboard of emergency food that is somewhat good for you on the side. Small steps go a long way – replace white flour pasta with wholewheat. Or instead of greasy potato chips, how about going for deliciously flavored rice wafers? So next time you go grocery shopping, opt for the healthier alternative!


     4. Fake It ‘Til You Make It – Smile!

This is a really simple, yet effective method to instantly improve your mood. It has been scientifically proven that faking a smile can indeed lower your stress hormone levels, thus letting you feel relaxed, relieved and more content with the current circumstances. It may sound like humbug, but there certainly is truth to it. And there’s no harm in trying, right? So next time you find yourself sitting on the edge of your bed, contemplating what to do with your gloomy day, fake a smile! It may feel awkward at first, but it truly will make you feel a little bit better in a matter of seconds.


      5. Bring on the Feels and Indulge

If you know that your day just simply won’t get any better and you don’t even want to try and change that, that’s okay. If it really is just one single off-day, there is no harm in indulging in your feelings. As long as you don’t get stuck in the blues for a longer period of time, go ahead and stay in bed. Eat junk food. Read relatable tumblr posts. Sometimes finding comfort in one’s own discomfort can be the most reassuring thing to do. Feeling low is part of being human and repressing those emotions will only damage your mental health in the long run. So never be afraid to spend a day in bed not talking to other human beings – you have every right to have that me-time. Just remember to limit yourself in your melancholia. Tomorrow’s a new day!


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