Turning words into magic 6


It was a rainy spring morning

when we first noticed our faces in the dawn

and suddenly, it all changed –

I lost my breath and made up my mind

to never let you out of sight

for as long as I shall pass through the streets of this town.

And you can run, but you can’t hide

from the attraction that inevitably

drives us towards each other,

connecting words and feelings and experiences

into this beautiful little poem

that one day

will change the face of everything we know


[Inspiration – A.M.]


When words seem to be so wrapped up between our daily thoughts and worries, one just has to find a way to let them out. No matter how harsh they might sound at first, no matter if they have the right rhythm, rhyme or tone, words are definitely made to be spoken out loud, written and put into action.

If something, anything remotely interesting pops up in your mind, put it out somewhere (even in a comment on this post). It might just stir up someone, someday, when you or him/her at least expect it. And that’s simply the best part about poetry: the change it involves, the ideas worth spreading and the way it reaches people in their most inner corners of the mind.

Have a look at this video and leave a small comment after watching it:

Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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6 thoughts on “Turning words into magic

  • peter

    Writing words down which come up during the day?
    Write whatever you want but this won’t excuse you from research, hard work, study.
    What you actually say is that writing down random words is creativity? That’s art, contemporary art in a way or bull****

  • Andra

    Hey Peter!

    Putting down emotions and feelings does not excuse anybody for the lack of research, yet it turns into a habit that can make some people (other than the ones who are already keen on literature and such) get in touch with fields they would normally ignore.

    Also, writing down random words isn’t necessarily creativity, but it helps you build up your vocabulary and put structure into your thoughts, which can lead to art. Art has to start somewhere, even if it means going through a lot of BS to get to that 🙂

  • peter

    I have a good and old friend who hates people simply talking about their feelings and emotions. At the beginning he seemed harsh but in a way he is right: feelings/emotions are good but you cannot necessarily fundament all decision only on them, because one day they are gone. What than?
    TED is about human life: he/she was given reason to control emotions in order to do the right thing… your posting lacks reason, which is the most attractive thing in tedtalks.
    What’s BS?

  • Andra

    BS = bull****

    Look around and you’ll see emotions painted on literally every wall. The fact that they’re volatile turns them into something worth exploring. Of course they don’t derive in every decision we take, that’s why we have our rational part and sentimental part.

    I’m sorry you didn’t get the reason behind this post, but you can gladly take a virtual tour through the articles my colleagues and I have written so far and see if you find YOUR ideas worth spreading 🙂 I hope it’s a thing of taste, and not a thing of quality, but either way I promise you to write something that goes in a totally different way than this article.

  • peter

    look Andra, I know the blog: that’s not the point.
    Where is the fundament of your posting? It seems to be taken out of imagination, not on evidence. It is not that you have to prove everything empirically nor you can, but it’s such a “Gefühls-Posting” as you would say in german.

    TED is not a hoke… there is more behind it.

  • Andra

    Peter, this article has been taken out of imagination (it starts with my poem and goes on with a text leading towards a video). That was the main goal I was striving to achieve: as long as people write something down, other people can approve or dissaprove, writing something else down or speaking their opinion out loud. As long as there are comments towards this article, my point was made clear.

    I respect everything that TED and TEDxVienna accomplish and am honoured to be part of this project. Stay tuned to read more articles, probably less poetical than this one, in the following months. Cheers