Twitter Chat: Putting content into context through DIY

As you may have noticed, our monthly topic has been DIY. You might ask yourself DI…whY? Nowadays, the Internet offers us plenty of opportunities to self tailor our knowledge. Say you want to learn how to build a birdhouse; you fire up your search engine and within seconds you’ve found a step-by-step guide on how to build it, and even how to connect a motion sensor to an automatic feeder with a camera attached to it so you can watch the birds eat… in real time, of course. Our possibilities are practically endless. It has never been easier for us to find such a variety of tools to build our own version of the world.
This DIY topic has awakened our curiosity about how current technology can help us learn new creative and innovative ways to improve our lives both physically and mentally. What better way to satisfy this curiosity than to gather up and share our ideas together in a Twitter chat!


A Twitter what?

A Twitter Chat (or TweetChat) is a virtual hangout in which a series of questions are shared with an audience and all participants contribute with their answers, leading to a valuable exchange of ideas. Each question is identified by the hashtags #Q1, #Q2, etc., and each answer is identified by the respective hashtags #A1, #A2, and so on.

On the 30th of March from 19:00 to 20:00 (GMT +1) at our TEDxVienna Twitter HQ we will start by getting to know each other and sharing some interesting curiosities about the fascinating world of DIY. Following the introductory round, there will be a main segment consisting of a series of questions. We will approach the subject from various perspectives, from the manual, crafty DIY experience to some deep philosophical thoughts on the current way of customizing education, habits and overall life. Everyone is free to share his or her opinion on each question and, of course, you are free to participate as much (or as little) as you feel comfortable with. The important thing is to have fun, keep an open mind and respect a series of very simple rules:

  •  Be kind to one another. We’re all here to learn and to get inspired.
  • Stay on topic. We will always have time for other exciting Twitter Chats.
  • Running late? No problem. Just remember to browse through previous conversations before participating.
  • Follow the flow of the conversation. Sadly, we only have one hour to discuss many interesting concepts, so as much as we would like to discuss previous questions we need to keep the chat moving.
  • Always include the #VieChat hashtag. We wouldn’t want to miss any of your brilliant insights!


Let’s get inspired together

Our current communication tools have opened up new and exciting ways we can collaborate with one another. Information has become an organic and living organism whose fountain we can not only drink from but also add our little dose of water to. By doing so, we have moved from being passive observers to being active contributors to a common, collective knowledge. We have started to realise that we are bigger than the sum of our parts and our inputs have become far more meaningful than just opinions lost in time. This month we would like to set up a space in which we can all share our findings on what inspires us to grow, to aim higher, to be the change we want to see. Professor Douglas Thomas once said, “The world has shifted from a world that’s about content to a world that’s about context.” We read content. We share content. Through this process we connect our personal dots together; we construct an image of ourselves and we put our lives into context in the vast sea of collective consciousness.

Let’s prove to the (Twitter) world that we are not alone on this mission!

Image credits TEDxVienna

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