Usman Riaz and Preston Reed: A young guitarist meets his hero

Playing the guitar, making music or simply being the music. Well, in this case the latter would be the best description for what happens on this TED stage. For this young man there are no boundaries on how to play the guitar. Guided by his passion and hereos on YouTube he follows his musical guts and performs. Usman Riaz is a 21-year-old whiz at the percussive guitar, a style he learned to play by watching his heroes on YouTube. Preston Reed’s hands have an otherworldly coordination. The fingers, nails, thumbs, and palms of both left and right dance, pluck, strum, and slap his guitar, which bursts with a full sound. Each of them and then both of them together rock the stage and the TED crowd just goes insane. Enjoy!


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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