Want to live longer? Then make stress your friend

Kelly McGonigal starts off her inspirational talk with a request for her audience members – she asks them to make a little confession about the level of stress they have encountered in their lives during the last year.

McGonigal is a health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University is also one of Forbes Top 20 most inspiring women. She has for the last decade been demonizing stress, but now thanks to new studies she has changed her opinion about it and now seeks to help people live longer.

New research on stress

A study “Does the Perception That Stress Affects Health Matter? The Association With Health and Mortality” conducted over eight years and capturing the statistics of thirty thousands participants revealed that those who believed stress was harmful for themselves were more likely to die prematurely. Imagine that, simply the belief that stress is harmful has untold consequences for the body and McGongial wants us to change our mindset on stress.

McGonigal wants people to embrace stress and to rethink their interaction with it. If you want to live long, simply make stress your friend.

How can you do this? Here are two simple ways:

  • Feeling your heart beat in an intense situation, tell yourself that your body is ready for anything.
  • Feeling your breathing get heavier, tell yourself your brain is getting more oxygen to better deal with the problems in front of you.

Rethinking and embracing Oxytocin

Simply rethinking your attitude to stress can have major health benefits for your entire body, not just your mind. This talk also provides insights into Oxytocin and how this neurohormone is in fact a possible life saver.

Follow the talk and McGonigal’s revolutionary new approach by clicking play blow.

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