A new step to the Brave New Space: Meet 4 of our 20 inspiring speakers

Brave New Space

Welcome to the Brave New Space!

On November 1st, TEDxVienna invites you to question the established patterns and cycles that are ingrained in every one of us. The goal is to discover new paths and unexpected frontiers. We will set aside the answers we think we know and ask the questions we are afraid to ask. Humanity is at a crossroads, a perilous but hopeful time.
In this post, you will get to know 4 inspiring TEDxVienna speakers from the US, Sweden, the UK and Egypt!

Laurie Essig – The strange marriage of romance and capitalism

Associate Professor and Director of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies

Laurie Essig Brave New Space TEDxVienna
Laurie Essig, Ph.D., is a professor of sociology and gender studies at Middlebury College. She is also the author of American Plastic: Boob Jobs, Credit Cards, and the Quest for Perfection and Queer in Russia: A Story of Sex, Self and the Other. Essig has her own column on PsychologyToday.com, Love, Inc, in which she writes about the intersections of emotions and capitalism: While our human emotions are more or less universal and ages old, how they are acted upon and which industries profit from them is based on histories, cultures, and economies. Feelings are always potential sources of profit – be it weddings, porn or romantic comedies.

Erika Lust – The feminine viewpoint of porn

Erotic Film Director

Erika Lust Brave New Space TEDxVienna
Erika Lust writes, shoots and directs feminist porn. Her award-winning work includes Five Hot Stories for Her, Barcelona Sex Project, Life Love Lust, Cabaret Desire, and XConfessions, as well as several shorts. She is also the author of Good Porn: a Woman’s GuideThe Erotic Bible to EuropeLove Me Like You Hate MeLa Canción de Nora, and Let’s Make a Porno: a Practical Guide to Filming Sex. Her project XConfessions crowdsources porn material: Lust chooses two submissions every month and turns them into short films.

Carissa Bub – The human aspects of business

Organizational Coach & Business Founder

Carissa Bub Brave New Space TEDxVienna
Carissa Bub, MSc, CPCC, ORSC, has been working with organizations, teams and leaders since 2001. The consultant and leadership coach focuses on the human aspects and relationships of business. Trying to identify Luminaries in organizations, her main topics are change, development and leadership.
The former broadcast journalist used to report for the BBC on The World Tonight, The World Service and Human Rights Human Wrongs, for example as an eyewitness at refugee camps in Gaza.

Amr Sobhy – The intersection of technology and citizen empowerment

Information Activist, Tech Entrepreneur and Writer

Amr Sobhy Brave New Space TEDxVienna
Amr Sobhy has won the World Summit Youth Award twice: As co-creator of MorsiMeter, which monitors and documents the performance of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, and as co-producer of Zabatak, an anti-corruption initiative in Egypt. The published author and poet describes himself as pharmacist by education, business person by profession, writer by passion, and entrepreneur at heart.

Come see these 4 inspirational speakers – and 16 more – at the Volkstheater Wien on November 1st. Get your tickets for Brave New Space now!

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