What am I nerdy about?

Being nerdy.

What a topic. I actually invested a lot of my time thinking about a good idea to present our monthly theme in the most interesting and serving way to you – our readers. As usual, there were many abstract ideas floating around in my head but none of them really managed to catch my attention.

Maybe I should write about the positive side-effects of having something to be nerdy about?

Or about some successful people who managed to make a living because of their “nerddom“ in their specific field?

Should I just ask a bunch of people what they think they are nerdy about?


And there it was.

What about just writing about the things I think I am nerdy about?

It’s actually quite personal but since I am really nerdy about reading and watching every kind of personal content (including personal blogs, books, stories, experiences, etc.) I thought this could be a very good thing to start off with. So, that’s how I ended up writing about my most nerdy character traits. I hope you enjoy it and recognize yourself in one or another “nerdy“ behavior on my list.

Books, books, books 

I just love them. I love them so much that I often can’t even focus on one single book so that I end up reading two, three, four or even five books at a time, finding every single one so interesting and inspiring that it freaks me out to have to actually decide which one I want to read on my way to work. The difficult thing about being a bookworm is that in every book you read you find a lot of suggestions of other similar books, which will be just as mind-blowing and inspiring as the one I am holding in my hands right now. I think the books I am especially nerdy about are the ones who inspire me the most in my everyday life. It gives me such an enriching and excited feeling that I just have to share it with the people around me who end up being super-annoyed at one point or super-thankful for the inspiration. (Or they just end up calling me an “esoterism-nerd“ which is the most awful nickname I can imagine for myself!)

Helplessly Inspired 

Well, since I am nerdy about books, and especially inspirational ones, this point is actually not very surprising. A negative side-effect of being nerdy about inspirational ideas is that you easily find yourself interested in far too many, totally different things at one time, which prevents you from focusing on one thing, while you are losing yourself in a lot of things instead. As you can imagine, this is not very helpful for pursuing specific goals in one’s life; you just can’t do everything or be everywhere at one time.


Oh, yes. This is probably the most typical side-effect of being nerdy about reading inspirational books and, as a consequence, getting interested in way too many things at one time. Inspirational books or topics don’t just inspire you but make you reflect a lot on everything and anything in your life. Have you ever tried overthinking? Well, I wouldn’t recommend it if you want to get things done and progress in specific areas in your life. Overthinking is actually never helpful especially when action is needed. You mostly end up not knowing what to do and therefore decide to just not do anything. It’s something that prevents you from putting your ideas into practice – that seemed revolutionary at first. (I really hope you don’t recognize yourself in this one of my “nerdy“ character traits.)

Personal Matters

I already mentioned this at the beginning of this blog post. Whenever I get to know a person I am not as much interested in what the person is doing for a living as I am interested in how the person thinks, feels and perceives the world. Smalltalk is just so annoying because it’s an awkward and insincere situation that we all experience far too often when we meet new people. Everyone knows something that you don’t. I just believe in this sentence so much. We can learn a lot about the different point of views of one another so why dwell upon boring smalltalk?

After opening up about my most “nerdy“ characteristics, it’s your turn to ask yourself: What am I nerdy about?

It’s actually a good question to get to know yourself better and if you don’t want to ask yourself because you already know it anyway – ask the people around you. If nothing else, it’s a good way to escape boring smalltalk!

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