We’ve heard it a million times – an image is worth 1000 words. Not only that but sometimes there are simply no words to describe an idea or a feeling. So… WHAT IF we take a deep dive into our consciousness by drawing something using the brand new WHAT IF drawing app? Maybe you think there is “no time for these kind of things”, but let me give you 2 good reasons why you should try it out:

1- You could be surprised with what you find yourself drawing. Sometimes we find the answers we’re looking for by simply putting our minds OUT of context by doing something simple, but out of the ordinary.

2- We will be shaping the atmosphere of our upcoming event together! All images will be displayed at our upcoming event in October. Drawings transmit moods. Moods create feelings. Feelings stimulate curiosity. Curiosity calls to action. So… WHAT IF we just try it and see what happens?


what if



Sometimes a small action can make a huge difference in the course of humanity, no matter how simple they might seem. Even if it’s a drawing inside or outside a big letter O. 

Let’s try it out together!!

Go to our drawing app and start being creative!




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