What if we designed the most awesome bags and T-shirts?

The preparations for What if… are running on full speed. While we, of course, get support from our sponsors, we didn’t want to miss the chance to get involved creatively. That´s why we decided to have a creative design session to create not only 1.200 What if…-branded bags for our audience but also 150 What if…- T-shirts for our team, each of them uniquely designed and illustrated by the TEDxVienna team and a few professional illustrators who kindly agreed to help us.

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What does the What if… – circle stand for?

Those of you who have observed our What if… preparations closely, might have asked yourselves by now what this year´s conference logo stands for. The circle belongs to a drawing exercise which is meant to spark your creativity: If you don’t quite know what to draw yet, you start with a circle and just keep on drawing wherever the circle takes you. Our design team realized that this circle is just the perfect metaphor for What if…. And because What if… is a question with a lot of unique and different answers, we decided that it was only appropriate to create a lot of unique and different T-shirts for our team (which consists, of course, of a lot of unique and different awesome people). So, this year our team will be dressed in What if….

Screen printing at Viadukt

Last year we started to screen print the bags for our visitors ourselves. It was a huge success, not just among our visitors but also among our team, which really enjoyed getting together to work creatively. So, we did it again this year. We are really excited about the result and we can’t wait until you see our bag design for What if… at the conference.

screenprinting pia V1

Artist Pia Hofmann-Lemmel (Bukulti) screen printing at Viadukt.

Screen printing is not only a great printing technique that you can easily learn to master, it is also a lot of fun. Basically, the process works like this: a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink. The substrate can be almost anything, from T-shirts to posters and stickers or even wood.

If you want to screen print in Vienna, you can check out Viadukt: they offer screen printing workshops and if you already have screen printing experience and a project in mind, you can rent their screen printing studio for a period of time or for just for one project.

We want to thank the illustrators who supported us and we are really looking forward to see all of you at our What if… conference on the 31st of October!

Illustrators – Thank you, guys! We wouldn’t have so many awesome T-shirts if it wasn’t for you!

Ben Posch
Matthias Fuchshuber
Teisha Grassberger
Katharina Petsche
Nils Jürgens
Sothany Kim

Photo credits:

Verena Ehrnberger, Sonja Hahn and Martina Fischmeister

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