What If we put a spin on learning?

The Evolution of Learning

The concept of “learning” has taken on an entirely new meaning in the past decades. Like with everything else, learning has gone though a number of changes brought about by interesting innovations that have unfolded over the past. The overall first problem of learning that needed to be tackled was its unavailability. Without the modern internet, people needed to actively seek sources that would provide them with content to learn and that was often not so easy to find. The internet solved that problem. But then still, learning wasn’t offered in a efficient, “packaged” way.  With the turn of the century, however, websites such as Kahn Academy and MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) providers such as Coursera, Udacity and many others also filled exactly this market gap and devoted themselves entirely to these unmet needs – therefore beating this hurdle with the virtual pointer.

But for some that was also not enough. Some institutions chose to go even further and actually combine both face-to-face training (in brick-and-mortar environments) and e-learning. This concept called Blended Learning, however, has also one hurdle to overcome: Currently Blended Learning initiatives limit themselves to only providing preparatory modules online before the face to face training, with the actual learning only really taking place inside the classroom. There is a need for offering more than just preparatory material online. Also, another thing these rather new innovations lack, is a sheer focus on user engagement. More often now than ever, do people feel that learning should be fun and interactive. Several entrepreneurs have picked up on this cue and have found ways to change learning into a satisfying activity rather than making it remain a chore. 

Among the first to notice these problems of limited use of online content and lack of user engagement was the Austrian company CREATE, for example, that just recently launched a new product called the cBook. Create’s philosophy of learning with “didactics, design and dramaturgy” is wholly reflected in the cBook.  We were proud to welcome CREATE-founder Christoph Schmidt-Mårtensson to speak at TEDxViennaSalon in September 2014 and have also published our interview with him last year.

The cBook

Create successfully introduced a new innovative approach to Blended Learning with the cbook and was even awarded the Innovation Prize IT in 2015. The cBook links the content with a community and with all corresponding learning activities, which are necessary for a complete Blended Learning experience. Platform providers, trainers and corporate academies can hugely benefit from the cBook in many ways. 


The cBook offers the opportunity to learn from others via Web-based trainings that are integrated into the cBook and it links users and the learning population to the content & community. Also, it makes it easy to create a cBook-sequence, which looks a little bit like a story-mode, to offer content in a good and visually interesting overview. The cBook is also an eBook at the same time, therefore offering a good way to look up things in an efficient manner. Finally, HTML5 content can be created effortlessly by the users themselves via the cBook CREATOR. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 12.03.37

Overall, the cBook provides the perfect platform for social learning, where trainers can also provide guidance via personal notes, comments and annotations.  Furthermore, in the so-called Activity centre, users have the opportunity to ask questions in the community, exchange knowledge and therefore ultimately enhance his know-how through this online learning network.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 13.24.02

Create has also classified the so-called 4 Stages of Learning (see above), which are all combined in the cBook, allowing the user to undergo all four learning stages with the device, rather than just using it for preparation only. Caught your interest? Check it out here.


 Cover photo from Pexels

In-text Photos from Create-mediadesign GmbH

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