What limits would you like to see humanity overcome?

Human beings are remarkably limited creatures. We can only handle a small range of physical environments. We die if we are too hot, too cold, get too little oxygen or too much carbon monoxide. We can’t see X-rays or radio waves or even infrared or ultraviolet. We can’t hear dog whistles or most geological rumbles. Heck we can’t even detect magnetic energy. We can’t fly like a bird. We can’t run as fast as most cats or dogs. We can’t go underwater very far at all. But for almost all of these physical limitations we have found a way around them with our ingenuity and creativity. On the 2nd of November we hosted our 2013 conference with the title UNLIMITED and left the day with a sense of positive bewilderment, but also with one of urgency. Our speakers gave a glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead, but also stressed the adversity of the present. Besides a line-up of remarkable speakers from all over the world, we had the chance of interacting in a creative milieu. Among other interactive experiences, we created a web of limits, asking the attendees a simple, yet personal question: “What limits would you like to see humanity overcome?”. Here is a glimpse of the answers you gave:

The world is ours to shape and removing limitations is not only necessary, but also a character builder. So whatever they might be, go out there and confront them. Because for evolving, the human race will always need new challenges, new limits to overcome.


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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