What you need to know about TEDxAmRing – Change worth fighting for

From science and politics to culture and art, TEDxAmRing – Change worth fighting for will host some of the most diverse, controversial and brave personalities of our times. Not only they’ve acknowledged the importance of change through their personal and professional experiences, but they’ve also thought about its impact and implementation and are now ready to share their ideas with you this Friday, May 30th at Hofburg Palace (Schweizer Tor) starting with 12:00 pm.

If you don’t know the speaker line-up by heart already, it’s time for you to take another look and get a first glimpse at the topics they’ll tackle in their talks:

Mark Dybul
“A social movement to fight AIDS, malaria and tb and end the epidemics”
Danny Resnic
“Condoms: Consumer Protection or Consumer Deception? The Marketing Myth is Exposed”
Saijai Liangpunsakul
“My m-Health Journey: How technology and empathy can change lives”
Exhibitor Adrain Chesser
“I have something to tell you” & “ The Return”
Conchita Wurst
“The Unstoppable Future of Love, Respect and Tolerance”
Regan Hofmann
“Sex and Secrets”
Piano performance by Albert Frantz
Franz Liszt: Études d’exécution transcendante (selection)
Bill Roedy
“MTV vs HIV—how media can save lives”
Vivienne Westwood
“Who are our Rulers – and what can we do?”

For more information, check out our web mobile app at: m.tedxamring.at. So, take this opportunity and book your seat now because we’re closing the registrations tomorrow!!

What’s a change worth fighting for?

The four days left until the conference seemed way too long for us, so we decided to open up the conversation on “Change worth fighting for” in advance by asking some of the TEDxVienna ex-speakers and friends to tell us what’s a change forth fighting for from their perspective. The variety of ideas surprised us and so now we want to hear it from you! Follow their example and send us a a similar photo with you and your change worth fighting for, be it on Facebook or Twitter followed by the hashtag #TEDxAmRing.

“Many wise words have been said why change is good and necessary. However, change still triggers fear.I believe in the power of words – and that we can tell a different story of change, one that is personal, inspirational and encouraging.” – Verena Nowotny

„Toleranz ist eine der wichtigsten Eigenschaften, die eine aufgeklärten Menschen ausmacht. Damit können wir akzeptieren, dass wir nicht alle gleich sind, aber gleich wichtig. Dafür braucht man nicht kämpfen, sondern muss es vorleben. Conchita ist das beste Beispiel dafür.“ – Alfons Haider

“We still live in a world full of superstition where skeptical thinking is regarded as a nuisance. It’s more comfortable to hold on to myths than to think for yourself. To adopt a skeptical, evidence based approach leaves enough room to marvel at the world.” – Niko Alm

“Wir führen in Österreich ein Leben in Sicherheit und sozialem Frieden – noch. Damit mein und andere Kinder das auch in ihrem Leben haben, brauchen wir positive Veränderung, Erneuerung, Weiterentwicklung statt Stillstand und Abschottung. Wir brauchen wieder ein aktives politisches Bewusstsein, um Menschen in Österreich wie anderen Ländern aktiv zu helfen.” – Alexander Oswald

“Wir müssen uns darauf einlassen, uns selbst umzuprogrammieren. Denn nur dann können wir das Unmögliche erreichen und uns über Dinge Gedanken machen, die es vorher noch nicht gab.” – Gerald Reischl

Selma Prodanovic:

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