When music meets motivation: An interview with rap artist A.Y.

Meet A.Y., an up and coming, talented rap artist based in Vienna, who seems to have what it takes to conquer the world by storm. With his catchy beats, meaningful lyrics and captivating charisma, the young performer has managed to make a name for himself in Vienna’s hip-hop scene. In the following interview, prepare yourself to get to know A.Y. and find out what he and TEDxVienna have in common.


A.Y., you are one of Vienna’s most talented up and coming rap artists. When did you realize you wanted to get into hip-hop?

A.Y: It all started in 2006. I had a gig at school in front of all the parents and kids. My teacher asked me if I wanted to perform and right away, I knew I was up for it. I just went on stage and when the people gave me an incredibly positive response, I knew that this is what I wanted to do.


Amazin Music © Photography by Florian Gotschim

Amazin Music © Photography by Florian Gotschim

When taking a closer look at your single “Stand Up”, it becomes apparent that you have a lot in common with TEDxVienna: You are all about motivation, inspiration and drive. Is there any particular quote or motto that keeps you going?

A.Y: Well, there are many inspirational quotes out there, but to be honest one particular quote has really stayed with me: Pain is temporary, giving up is forever. Whenever I am struggling with something that is not in my comfort zone, I make sure to push my limits until the discomfort disappears. That’s the motto.


Is there any main message that you as an artist want to convey to your audience?

A.Y: Well, if there would be one main message I would say it’s enjoy life. Just love life and share it with others. That’s something really important to me.


What are some main obstacles, in your opinion, that society needs to overcome? Is there anything that society could do in order to become happier and more positive as a whole?

A.Y: I think the main problem of human kind is that everyone kind of focuses on barriers, whether it’s language or nationality. I think if we would all just focus on being humans, I think society would do a lot better. There are loads of movements going in the direction of tolerance, love and peace. I would definitely rather follow those values. And yeah, I think that’s also the first step to finding a solution. Naturally, everyone has an interest in themselves. Everyone is a little egoistic but if you actually share positive vibes with the people around you, that’s a lot more fulfilling in my opinion.


Many young people out there want to become performing artists just like you. What kind of advice would you give them in pursuing their goals?

A.Y: First of all, I’d say, make sure it is your goal. That’s very important. There is a difference between wanting something and really being obsessed with it, like, “I HAVE to become an artist”. If you have that feeling and keep working for it, you’ll go all the way.


Source: courtesy of Amazin Music © Photography by Florian Gotschim

Source: courtesy of Amazin Music © Photography by Florian Gotschim

What are your current projects at the moment? What can we expect to hear from you in the near future?

A.Y: We just recorded the single “Indigo”. It is scheduled to come out on June 24th and I will be performing it at the FM4 stage at the Donauinselfest this year.


Great, so we will be seeing you at the Donauinselfest 2016 then?

A.Y: For sure!


As a final question, I would like to ask if you could tell the TEDxVienna readers a fun fact that they may not know about you?

A.Y: (laughs) Well, I love video games!


Thank you, A.Y., for taking the time to speak to me today.

A.Y: It was a pleasure.



Can’t get enough of AY? Check out the music video to his single Stand Up:


Also, be sure to stay up to date and follow A.Y. via social media:

Twitter: @AYsoldier

Instagram: @aysoldier



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