Where to share your secret

Creating them, living with them, dying with them: Keeping secrets is hard. Especially in a transitory time where the sacral institution of religious confession undergoes steady erosion, while therapeutic confession has not yet been cured from the social stigma it carries.


Artwork by Itsmi

All those orphan stories that people host day by day, year after year, even for a lifetime, Frank Warren chose to build them a stage upon which they could be heard. He brought the project PostSecret to life by receiving thousands of postcards, each and every one of them carrying a beautiful, odd and terrible story on its reverse.

And by the inclusion of the once excluded, by sharing the memories that were once kept as secrets, all those burdens of locking away a story became the bricks with which a more lighthearted community was built.

One of them could be yours.

Allow Frank Warren to explain how he created PostSecret and become a witness of the most intense secrets he had the honor of collecting.

Cover image by Pixabay

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