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On November 2nd 2013, TEDxVienna UNLIMITED will take you on a journey of exploring limits from the smallest theoretically possible particles to the outskirts of the observable universe and everything in-between. 16 international speakers, interactive exhibitions and a bunch of curious & open-minded guests will get a full day of inspiration & knowledge! But we want to start spreading and sharing inspiration earlier, so here is the point where you can jump in and win 3 x 2 tickets!

What you have to do?

Share with us a project which overcomes limits. It can be a link to a project, a TED talk or a person in a field of your choice who has crossed a boundary or has made something that seemed impossible become reality. Limits and limitations can take many forms so don’t hesitate to be creative!
Here are some examples:

  • Jack Andraka, the teenager who developed a promising test for pancreatic cancer;
  • the very first in vitro burger by Mark Post;
  • Wohnwagon , a local project which pushed the boundaries of individual mobility;
  • Aubrey de Grey and all the projects around immortality, that have the aim of expanding our life span;
  • The interspecies internet, a great project launched on the TED stage in order to connect humans to animals;
  • Hello Europe – a project bringing citizens of Europe together through screens placed in different cities;
  • etc.

How does it work?

Post it on our Facebook page, tweet it or just comment below and you will have the chance to win one of the 3 x 2 tickets for the UNLIMITED conference. For the participation through Twitter or Facebook don’t forget to mention the hashtag #unlimiTEDx.

The deadline is the 15th of October. The day after we will announce the winners here on the blog.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at You can find all the information about the UNLIMITED event here.

We wish you the best of luck! Stay tuned & get prepared for an astonishing conference that will aim for expanding your limits of inspiration & knowledge!


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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41 thoughts on “Win 3 x 2 tickets for TEDxVienna 2013 UNLIMITED!

  • Vera Z

    a talk by Ron Levy, MD; about a monoclonal antibody, rituxan = rituximab – a (one of the first) monoclonal antibodies used in medicine, remarkable results, making targeted (cancer)therapy possible!!! = this idea, this “strategy” of monoclonal antbodies to fight against cancer overcomes limits:

  • Kristian Ujhelji

    Hilma af Klint, a swedish painter (born in 1862) and was the first woman who pursued the abstract art. Her painting are monumental in size and bold in colour and rich in meaning.

    As an artist, this woman is a huge inspiration for me, she seemed to have endless energies, a vision that went beyond the 19th and 20th century and a technique and language that are unique. In a world where women had next to no rights regarding education and the pursuit of their own dreams, she was one of the first women to study art and she became very succesful. Today, she is rediscovered as the pioneer in abstract art and large exhibitions are held in sweden, germany and spain. Also, she is among other “visionary artists” like cg jung, emma kunz in the biennale di venezia.

    I have visited both exhibitions to see the work in person and I was mindblown. Regardless of the spiritism of her age, I was reminded again of the power which lies in one individual if he has a message to tell the world. Her message is now being heard and seen, years after her death. She stands as a strong model for those who are strange and unique and maybe also misunderstood but who are also couragous enough to do their own thing.

    She reminds me of unlimited – the unlimited will, the unlimited vision, the unlimited power and wisdom. To strive in a limited world for the limitedless in every way we can.

  • Ferdinand

    GDELT ( – The Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT) is an initiative to construct a catalog of human societal-scale behavior. It basically captures every event that happened since 1979. The data is freely available and updated every day, applicability is truely limitless.

  • Serafin Dinges
    These three people started a six month journey in January of 2013 in order to venture out and give away free pie. It’s probably not a particularly extraordinary story and the impact is relatively minor, but still they made their own dream possible and showed, that there is need for people to just spread kindness(and pie), and that the world is also ready to support them in that endeavour.
    They show, that if you really want to do something for the world, you can or maybe even should do it, and that it will pay off.

  • Oana Turmei

    Fabian Oefner: Psychedelic science” talk “TED inspired me, along with other great minds, willing to share their live long experiences or research or conclusions to matters impacting so many of us.

  • Elena

    Hey! First of all, I am really excited to hear that Ted will be held in Vienna! I would really like to attend this event, but moreover, lately I’m very interested into the works of Norman Doidge and I ttuly believe, he would give some perfect lectures under the topic of neuroplasticity. N. Doidge has gathered facts and stories of particular people and put it together into a great book, which is called ‘The Brain That Changes Itself: stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of brain science’ (2007). I think, this book is not just about an innovative researche in brain plasticity, but it also might give hope to people and expand their minds about the capacities of their own brain. Facts, that are telled in stories, confronts clasical neuroscience claims and helps to find arguments that our brain is still, firstly, unknown and, secondly, capable to recover even after severe damage or deficiency. I truly believe, that would be some great series of lectures, atracting hundreds of people.

  • Friederike

    I recently met a very interesting man. He is a small and unimposing man from India, but his mission is ambitious. He would like to legalize hemp, not for drugs but as a resource for textiles etc. This would help the local farmers and Indian economy to grow. Hemp is a rather robust and fast growing plant, which can also be planted in an unfriendly environment.

    He wants to propose his request to the United Nations, but he needs a number of countries to support his idea. That’s why he is travelling through Europe talking to the people, economists and politicians. At first, they don’t listen to him, because they think, he wants to legalize drugs, but he keeps on discussing his arguments until they start thinking about the economic possiblities for developing countries.

    I admire his vision, persistence and optimism. Even though this one little man is facing a lot of denail, power games and lobbyism, he keeps on going and smiling.

  • Sinzi

    I would like to propose the nice journey into each persons past made by National Geographic, GENO 2.0: THE GREATEST JOURNEY EVER TOLD
    Your Story. Our Story. The Human Story.
    I find it very interesting to exploe in the “gene” kinda way your personal history.
    This project sounds something like this:
    “Since its launch in 2005, National Geographic’s Genographic Project has used advanced DNA analysis and worked with indigenous communities to help answer fundamental questions about where humans originated and how we came to populate the Earth. Now, cutting-edge technology is enabling us to shine a powerful new light on our collective past. By participating in the latest phase of this real-time scientific project, you can learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. You will also help support the Genographic Legacy Fund, which works to conserve and revitalize indigenous cultures around the world.”

    • larisa Post author

      Dear Sinzi,

      we’re pleased to announce you that you won 2 tickets for the TEDxVienna conference on the 2nd of November. Congratulations!

      Please write us an email at to send you your codes.
      Looking forward to meeting you in less than 2 weeks!

      Best regards,
      TEDxVienna team

  • Scott

    I am a HUGE fan of TED, and I must say that what makes us push limits is when we collaborate and share ideas. Programs like TED, and especially TEDx , allow us to be inspired by others, thus inspiring others, creating a synergy that pushes the limits of what we know and what we can achieve.

    As a teacher, I have twice brought students to TEDx events, once in Toronto and once in Vienna, and those students returned from listening to great speakers and sharing ideas with people from all over and were inspired leaders on campus.

    I hope to get the chance to attend TEDx Vienna this year, as the list of speakers looks fantastic!

    Thanks for this chance!


  • Elizabeth

    I am thrilled that TEDx is coming to Vienna and excited to have the opportunity to win tickets to the event.

    I have recently been most inspired by US Ambassador Jennifer Leigh Brush’s work as the Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova, which has a mandate to facilitate the achievement of a lasting, comprehensive political settlement of the Transdniestrian conflict in all its aspects. Since Moldova is Europe’s poorest country, one might think that socio-economic progress is impossible. However in her role, Ambassador Brush is unpretentiously making the impossible possible. Additionally, with Moldova’s increasing integration efforts with the European Union, as well as the country’s close geographical proximity to central Europe, I personally think that this is a relevant topic to be discussed in a TEDx forum.

    Ambassador Brush’s work in two areas, anti-trafficking and gender equality, is particularly inspiring. The OSCE Mission to Moldova conducts information campaigns and theatre performances informing rural Moldovan women, youth and children about the risks, causes and consequences of human trafficking and domestic violence. Additionally, the Mission advocates for a greater participation of women in political and public life at the local, regional and national levels by sharing best practices and highlighting the link between democratization, economic growth and gender equality. (

    In her work, Ambassador Brush demonstrates that it is possible to transform diplomacy and international relations into a hands-on and extremely effective grassroots approach. She is a fantastic role model for young women who are interested in truly making a difference in this world!

  • Lizzy

    A project that overcomes limits? That’s easy. Let’s say it like this WORLD WIDE WEB. Overcomes limits since more then two decades. And now even beyond the world.

  • Lizzy

    A project that overcomes limits? That’s easy. Let’s say it like this WORLD WIDE WEB. WWW overcomes limits since more then two decades. And now even beyond the world.

  • Stephanie

    Hello TEDx-Vienna Team!!

    A friend of mine, went abroad for more than one year after graduation. Instead of starting off with University, she decided to do something great, while she was in Peru. She and a few other people formed the following NGO:


    Together they are trying to achieve a positive lasting impact on the families of Flora Tristán. Right now, they are offering an afterschool program called Flora Tristán English School, where they teach english, do homework help, provide psychological services, run a Mother and Toddler Group and have a scholarship program.

    For me, it’s more than great to see, how motivated peers are. It’s important to see that change can happen within our time, with our help – if we just believe in it.

  • Richard

    I just watched this yesterday!
    A filmmaker convinces a few people with illnesses (terminal cancer, diabetes II, depression, crohn’s disease, Parkinson, irritable bowel syndrome) to follow him deep into the amazon rainforest to stay there for 30 days in solitude while being treated by shamanic healers. Watch yourself to see the results.
    The film is online in full length until the 17th of October. Here’s the link:

    Peace and Love,

  • Katarina

    The Little Sun Project

    Artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen developed “Little Sun” which is a project to provide a solar powered lamp in areas where 1.6 billion people are still living outside the electrical grid. The internet and increasing technologies still do not reach everyone. Solar power is still an underestimated source of power especially in less developed countries and regions.

    The artist Olafur Elliason is known for his massive architectural installations and work with light. The sun installation in Tate Modern has been a limitless art project to provide warm gentle sun light inside the art space as never seen before.

    The Little Sun Project is an idea and manifestation to overcome limits to help and improve the conditions in living, transportation, building and education in less developed areas.

  • Manuel Stumpf

    This project seems to be around since 2010, but I just heard about it recently. It definitely tries to push the boundaries for many Indian citizens (and probably future entrepreneurs) by organizing crowdfunded loans.

  • Thi Hoang

    Nick Vujicic!! I can’t think of anyone else who’s better than him for this title “the person who overcomes limits”. He makes me cry everytime he speaks, everytime he tries to do things that a normal person can easily do (like swimming, playing soccer, skateboarding..).

    Whenever I’m feeling down, I can always look up to him to get up after the fall and get everything started again. And I then stop asking: “This is so unfair. why does it happen to me?” Look at Nick. He’s limbless. and He’s incredible. Why can’t I be like him, doing things that seem impossible to me?

    Please check out his projects ( and his awesome, motivational speeches (,,

  • Tobias

    As soon as I read what’s required to enter this competition, only one story came to my mind. The story of Team Hoyt. It is by far the most aspiring story I have ever heard.
    Text from their website (Team Hoyt official website): “Team Hoyt is an inspirational story of a father, Dick Hoyt, and his son, Rick, who compete together in marathons and triathlons across the country. Team Hoyt strives to help those who are physically disabled become active members of the community.”

    There are dozens of videos about them out there, here’s one of my favorites:
    The story of Team Hoyt

    This changed my view on life.

  • Stephanie Steiner

    Friend of friends in the States who wanted to make a graphic novel but doing so while working would probably take 3 years. He put that project on Kickstarter> and raised more than his goal of $5,666 in just one month. It is an amazing platform which brings people from anywhere to help anyone realize to “bring creativity to life”.

  • Katarina Balgavy

    build A house Project

    openinspiration is a platform for sharing ideas and innovation in everyday goods and public space. openinspiration stands for sustainability, green thinking and social innovation and gives rise to action and engagement.

    We build a house made of collected plastic bottles in the city of Cape Town during World Design Capital 2014. All communities are integrated to contribute and participate, to collect plastic bottles and bring them on site. We build houses and objects in public space to inform about recycling and plastic waste and to reflect about function and design.

    The project and event starts in Cape Town and will spread over to other cities globally. With a population of 51 million people and strong income differences and various different states of development, the consumption digits of plastics in South Africa seemed accurate to start build A house in 2014.

    Build A house is limitless because the plastic waste and landfill problem is a global phenomenon which may be transformed into function and design. We create, collaborate and exchange knowledge – (Plastic can be reduced through special bacteria:, Plastic may be value for fibres, garments, furniture,.)
    We inform, educate and inspire people in everyday life to collaborate and influence the consumption and possibilities of plastic materials.

    build A house Project

  • Judith Schiessbiegl

    Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs and has ever since faced challenges and overcome limits beyond the imaginable. He is someone I really look up to and admire for his strength and positive outlook. His first book was even titled Life Without Limits. Here’s the link to his website:

    An I would like to mention Amy Purdy as well. Her story was so touching, yet incredibly inspiring at the same time. (Living Beyond Limits @ TEDxOrangeCoast)

    It would be awesome to experience TEDxVienna live on the 2nd of November!!!!

    Thanks for giving people the opportunity to share their stories! One individual’s words can be so powerful and nurturing!

  • Mahoney Turnbull

    I would love to share the genius that lies behind my esteemed professor’s pursuit of interpreting IQ in the context of criminals on death row.

    Flynn’s poignant findings on intelligence testing and the rising of IQ over time has led to the US Supreme Court actually acknowledging his findings in deciding the fates of convicts. They are now accurately diagnosing these individuals on death row as intellectually disabled. The potential for Flynn’s work to combat the bad science behind unconstitutional US executions is an utterly noble act which I believe is overcoming the limits of conventional criminal analysis. Cases like the Wilson case in which the US Supreme Court ruled that executing people with an intellectual disability amounts to unconstitutional “cruel and unusual punishment” are burgeoning. His research is clearly making great strides in the realm of human rights.

    No more should it be death by IQ for US criminals. It is not right that inmates are being condemned to death by inflated IQ scores obtained using older intelligence tests. Flynn is serving justice and breaking scientific ground…and inspiring society to put true intellect back into IQ.