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CITYx is TEDxVienna’s annual salon event concerning all things urban. This year it´s all about the cities of the future and the future of cities. Nine amazing speakers will talk about their vision of future urbanism in the well-known TED manner. But there will also be an interactive exhibition area, delicious food and drinks by local providers and an after party you shouldn’t miss.

In a nutshell, CITYx will be amazing. That’s why it is already sold out. But if you missed your chance to get tickets – don’t panic. We have already thought of a solution.

We created “Vienna worth spreading”, a social media competition that will give you the opportunity to win the last 2 tickets for CITYx. To make it more fun and make your participation even more worthwhile this competition is also a social media art project. After the competition there will be an exhibition of the best pictures at the CITYx event at the MAK. 

And here are the rules:

1. Take pictures of places in Vienna that few people know about. Those places can be secret, hidden, private or simply amazing. They should be places in your city that YOU like and that almost no one else is aware of. Yet.

2. You can geotag your places, but you don’t have to post the exact location of a spot if you don’t want to. Unless you want others to find it too.

3. Write 1 – 2 sentences about your place. Explain what it means to you and why you think it’s worth spreading.

4. Share your picture on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #TEDxVienna

To give you an idea how “Vienna worth spreading” could look like we created a few examples for you. But ultimately, it will be your submissions that determine how exactly this project turns out.

Beautiful fountain in Stadtpark.

Fountain in Stadtpark.

More hidden places.

More hidden places.

New places emerge during summer.

New places emerge during summer.

And because beauty is in the eye of the beholder we will choose the winner of the tickets randomly. Additionally, we will exhibit a selection of your pictures at the CITYx event at the MAK.

Don’t forget to make your posts public on Facebook, because otherwise we won’t be able to find them. You can, of course, participate in the competition without having your picture featured at the exhibition at the MAK. If you don’t want your pictures featured or exhibited just write us an email.

The competition for the last CITYx tickets starts today and will last until Friday June 12th. After the following weekend we will announce the winner on our Facebook page.

And now, start sharing all the places that you consider worth spreading throughout Vienna! Have fun and good luck!

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