World Environment Day: Must-read Environmental Articles

World Environment Day, June 5, is a United Nations’ day to raise global awareness and call for action to protection and better treatment of our environment. 

The day itself has been celebrated over a few decades, since 1974, each year with a different theme on a pressing environmental issue as well as different host country for the celebrations. In 2020, Columbia, one of the most biodiverse countries on Earth with its 51,000 species was chosen to highlight the need for urgent action to protect biodiversity on the World Environment Day 2020.


TEDx Vienna: as an ‘Ökoevent’

At TEDxVienna we also wanted to celebrate World Environment Day in our way, so we traveled through our archives of TEDxVienna Blog and pulled out some must read articles on environment and sustainability!

If you’re a regular here, or you’ve visited our events in the past years, you’ve probably realized that keeping our events as environmentally responsible as possible is one of our priorities. Not only have our events been progressing in terms of eco-friendliness, last year we were approved and certified by Stadt Wien as a green event (Ökoevent) ! Check out our journey to become a fully green event and what measures we have been taking to keep it that way!


What can we, in our homes and daily lives, do to protect the environment?

For starters, try to live a plastic-free life and for that we would definitely recommend you to check out this article, which gives you an extensive guideline on how to live plastic-free!  

 Then, there are little things which we often overlook. For example, kettles! Most of us have one at home and boil at least 750 ml water for a cup of tea or coffee because that’s usually the minimum amount of water we’re supposed to boil in it. However, could you ever guess that, while boiling more water than necessary, the surplus energy from just one day of boiling kettles in the U.K. could power streetlights in London for an entire night!

To get educated more about these not so little waste we make on a daily basis, and how our unconscious choices affect the environment, watch sustainability strategist Leyla Acaroglu’s TED Talk on ‘Paper beats plastic: How to rethink environmental folklore’ for yourselves.  

Another thing that we should consider is our consumer habits. The environment can benefit a lot from us rethinking our consumer behaviors and making more conscious choices on what to wear. After all there is the good, the bad and the ugly of clothing industry and depending on what we choose to wear, we are either contributing to protecting our environment or simply supporting the waste and the damage we are doing to it, there is no middle ground!


Tips on living environmentally conscious

 We are going through a time that is a wake-up call for most, to stop going down the road of damaging our environment & finding an alternative way of living. Therefore, last month as we celebrated the Earth Day in the midst of a pandemic, we gathered some tips on how to protect our environment, and consider sustainable living in the right direction. 

 Finally, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do it all,  just do you best and please do not feel guilty for doing something good – You don’t have to be a sustainability pro, and you might not be able to change your whole life to protect the environment. As Marie said in her article, the whole responsibility of what is happening with nature doesn’t lie on JUST your shoulders. However, it is important to know how to opt for a lifestyle that contributes to protecting the environment. Whatever big or simple step(s) you take, it counts and contributes to a healthier environment!  


P.S. TEDxVienna supports the ideas of saving our environment, therefore the next TEDxVienna event will be eco-friendly.

Image by annca from Pixabay

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