Would you start anonymous blogging?

Blogging is all the rage nowadays. People love showcasing their art, passion or personal thoughts in carefully-planned blog posts. However, with a growing audience come growing response & responsibility. That is why more and more internet users have decided to venture into anonymous blogging.

Why keep it on the down low?

Bloggers who want to create a brand from their online face may not quite understand another blogger’s decision to stay incognito. However, the reasons for staying anonymous are truly convincing, once you hear them out. Firstly, you’ll never get attacked by online trolls for the way you look, speak or act. Your opinions, articulation and written content is all that is open to criticism. But if you feel confident in writing about topics which you are genuinely passionate about, mean-spirited comments should not faze you. Secondly, should your platform grow to a larger extent, you will not be recognized outdoors, thus letting you feel more liberated and less anxious when going out in public. Thirdly, you will never have to worry about your online content negatively impacting your offline job or social life. If your boss doesn’t agree with your controversial opinions, who cares? They’ll never know who’s writing the stuff that makes their blood boil.

Is anonymous blogging tougher than regular blogging?

Whilst there are various reasons in favor of starting an anonymous blog, they do come with a big, fat disclaimer: Make sure you’re prepared. Prepared for what? All the haters that won’t attack me for my looks? For my co-workers who won’t laugh at me for being so public? Well, there are in fact things to be aware of before sliding into the seemingly more easy-going approach to starting an internet hobby. Keeping it anonymous means bearing a secret in one way or the other. That means constantly lying about your favorite hobbies, saying “Really? I don’t think so.”, when friends tell you, “You should start writing, you’d be great at it!” and never being able to share your enthusiasm with others since you choose to keep a part of your identity unknown. Of course, you can tell your closest friends and family. But what if they leak the deets out to people you wouldn’t want to know about your hidden hobby? As you can see, anonymous blogging is definitely not easier than regular blogging.


There is always the option to unveil

Anonymous blogging may just be the perfect medium for those who desperately want to start a blog, but do not feel comfortable with the idea of getting their work published under their real name. The safe haven of anonymity is a great place to test the waters and see whether or not you like your new-found hobby. Before announcing your new platform to the world only to shut it all down again after six months, it can’t be a bad idea to covertly gain some experience, right? Besides, if blogging does turn out well for you, there’s always the option to go public. Show your face, reveal your name and get more personal – scary at first, but you may just be rewarded for your courage with a broader audience. That being said, the anonymous blogger community appears to be a tight-knit family full of support and understanding. A community, you might not feel equally at home at anymore once you fall into a different niche.

So if you’ve always been curious about starting a blog of your own – go for it! If you need a safety net, remember that there’s always the option of taking it slow and staying icognito at first. If you start liking the anonymous lifestyle more than you initially thought you would, great! No one can force you to reveal your identity to millions of online strangers. But whenever you feel the need to claim the credit that is due to you, muster up that courage and show the world who you are!

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