Mark A.M Kramer

is a Nomadic Researcher / Lecturer and recently a full-time ePatient, exploring the limits and potentialities of information and communications technologies within healthcare and medicine. Mark served in the US Air Force as a Surgical Technician and Medic during the first Gulf War and continued to work in surgery for a total of 12 years while studying classical literature and preparing to enter medical school. In 1999, Mark fell in love, got married and abandoned his medical career in the US to move to Austria and start a new life.
In 2003, Mark joined The Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society (ICT&S Center) as a Research Fellow at the University of Salzburg. At the ICT&S Center Mark began his research in the fields of Human Computer Interaction and Social Informatics where he actively pushed the boundaries of mobile technologies and social media usage within education (mLearning & eLearning) and other social applications including eParticipation and eHealth.
In 2011, Mark became a full-time patient when he was faced with a serious health challenge which forced him to explore the limits of medicine and allowed him to develop his personal ePatient scenarios and redefine chemotherapy as a distributed, co-present experience.
Currently, Mark is part of the Razorfish Healthware Team in Germany, developing innovative digital solutions through patient-centric design while also teaching a seminar on Mobile Health / Sports at the University of Applied Sciences - Campus Hagenberg.