Photo:Hans Leitner

Marc Miletich & Ip Wischin

are communication consultants who apply the rules of dramatic structure to change management, while taking into consideration that organizational structures are increasingly developing into non-hierarchic, rhizomatic networks. Wischin and Miletich have their roots in linear, analog filmmaking. In 2006, they began developing an entirely new approach to organizational communication, bringing organizational aesthetics into the age of the "ginger paradigm" with what they call Wirtschaftsdramaturgie – defining the dramatic structure of business. They lecture worldwide and have received various national and international awards for their research and innovation projects.

As founder (Miletich) and consultant (Wischin) at Sonovista Wirtschaftsdramaturgie, they address constantly changing global paradigms using the principles of dramatic structure. Their method includes an analysis that considers all parties involved and focuses on a specific object of conflict all players can agree upon. In a second step, a narrative is developed that describes another fictional conflict – neutralizing the initial issue. This extremely efficient method of re-contextualization circumvents resistance on the part of the addressee, as the primary purpose of each measure taken is no longer obvious. The focus thereby shifts from WHAT is being said to HOW it is done, enabling the communication of messages that would otherwise not be heard.

Marc Miletich began his career in the 1980s as a filmmaker. One of his first movies, Patina, was screened by Karl-Heinz Böhm's charity project Menschen für Menschen (People for People). Miletich worked as a film director in Austria (ORF Wien) as well as in the US. In the early 1990s, he joined the Missing Link media research group, an agency for strategic online communication, as creative director. In 2001, he became director of Community Marketing at Viviance new education AG, a corporate eLearning provider in St. Gallen, Switzerland, before founding Sonovista in 2002.

Sonovista has since become a pioneer in the fields of corporate media as well as cross-media audiovisual communication involving user participation in various European research projects. Sonovista has received numerous awards, including the including an Innovation Prize for "Buntes Fernsehen" (State Prize for Multimedia and e-Business 2005), an Innovation Prize for "Buntes Fernsehen" (State Prize for Public Relations 2006), an Innovation Prize for "St. Anna Fernsehen" (State Prize for Multimedia and e-Business 2006) and a medal in the category "Digital Literacy" for "Buntes Fernsehen" (European Commission e-Inclusion Award 2008).

Ip Wischin began his career as writer and co-director, together with Marc Miletich, of the film Doomsday Triptych. After making several independent films, Wischin worked as a screenwriter for Austrian public television (ORF). He was director, writer, and actor at the Pygmalion Theater in Vienna for ten year. Wischin lectures on film dramaturgy around the world, providing guidance for young filmmakers. His project "Vienna Goes L.A." encourages children of immigrant families to use filmmaking as a constructive way of dealing with everyday life.