Dr. Auma Obama

grew up in Kenya. Her passion for German authors such as Heinrich Böll and Wolfgang Borchert brings her to Germany in 1980. She studies sociology and German Studies in Heidelberg before attending the German Film and Television Academy (DFFB) in Berlin and finally graduating in Bayreuth. She will live 16 years in Germany, and later in the UK before eventually returning to Kenya.

There she works for almost 5 years for the relief organization CARE. Among her tasks is the coordination of the program "sport for social change”: An initiative that uses sport education to strengthen self-confidence and self-worth of neglected children and youth, especially girls, introducing them to more positive behaviors. Thanks to various appearances in the German television (such as Beckmann in 2008 and 2010, as well as the NDR Talkshow 2010) and through many newspaper and radio interviews, Dr. Obama becomes a public figure.

In fall 2010, she publishes her autobiography, “Das Leben kommt immer dazwischen. Stationen einer Reise” in German. The English version “And Then Life Happens: A Memoir” is published in 2012. In November 2011, she founds her own foundation in Germany, called “Sauti Kuu- powerful voices for a powerful youth”. The foundation is based on the principle of “helpfor self-help” and is supposed to support and motivate future generations, all over the world, to take their fate into their own hands.

Dr. Auma Obama is asked all over the world as a keynote speaker, host or lecturer on ecological, economic and social sustainability. At her first own conference series: “Dr. Obama in conversation with…. “ renowned guests from Politics, Economy and Science will tackle the three pillars of sustainability: Ecology, Economy and Social change. With her innovative ways, great charm and a developed sense of humor, she will present her guests in a brand new light.