Energetic humanitarians | Robert Hargraves | TEDxVienna

Energetic humanitarians | Robert Hargraves | TEDxVienna

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For a half-century energetic scientists and engineers have been advancing an unusual, humanitarian solution – atomic energy from liquid fuels. Three billion people cook and heat indoors by burning solid fuels such as wood and cattle dung. Three million a year die from the resulting indoor air pollution – more than from AIDS and malaria combined. A simple two-burner hot plate could address this problem, except that over a billion people have no access to electricity. Outdoor air pollution is a problem of industrial growth. It kills a million people a year in China — and thousands in the US. Burning coal is the major culprit. Robert Hargraves has written the book, THORIUM: energy cheaper than coal. His article in American Scientist sparked China to develop this new energy technology. He worked at Boston Scientific and Arthur D Little. At Dartmouth College he was assistant professor of mathematics. He graduated from Brown University (PhD Physics) and Dartmouth College (AB Mathematics and Physics).

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