Future Love – The Internet of Bodies | Ghislaine Boddington | TEDxViennaSalon

Future Love - The Internet of Bodies | Ghislaine Boddington | TEDxViennaSalon

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Across the next decade the convergence of many high level technological tools will enable the deeper blending of connected bodies at a distance. This talk outlines the positive potentials and opportunities of this for distant lovers and partners who will be enabled to reunite and engage in a far more satisfactory way than through today’s social media and 2D screen links, taking our intimacies beyond the physical, merging us sensually within the virtual. Ghislaine Boddington examines the concepts at play today, such as love of synthetic others such as robots and avatars, and connectivity through implants for remote touch and feel. These shifts in ways of relating could be seen as dangerous and dark, but can we, with the right human spirit, ensure this leads to the positive enhancement of love?

Ghislaine is the Creative Director at body data space, as well as an artist and thought leader. She is advocating the use of the body as a digital interaction canvas. This year Ghislaine is curating the Future Love theme for Nesta’s FutureFest.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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