TEDxVienna – Albin Kurti – International Protectorate

TEDxVienna - Albin Kurti - International Protectorate

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In August 1997, when Albin Kurti was 22 years old, he joined presidency of the Students Independent Union of the University of Prishtina (SIUUP), and soon after he became its International Officer. During the historic student demonstration in Prishtina on October 1, 1997, brutally repressed by Milosevic’s police, Kurti was one of the protest leaders. During the NATO bombing of Serbia and Kosovo he was engaged in seeking a political solution to Kosovo’s crisis and was arrested by Serbian police. After a 15 years sentence in 2000, Kurti was released in 2001 due to international pressure. Albin Kurti is currently an MP, the Chair of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee in the Republic of Kosovo, as well as the leader of the political movement, Lëvizja VETËVENDOSJE.

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