Tomato? Tomahto? Food chain madness: Annemieke Hendriks at TEDxVienna

Tomato? Tomahto? Food chain madness: Annemieke Hendriks at TEDxVienna

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Annemieke has published seven non-fiction books since (literary and documentary ones), and some more as co-author. Half of them are on European themes and the other half on cultural-historical and social themes. Her elaborated interview book on pioneers of Dutch cinema, De pioniers, was awarded 2007 as the best film publication of the year in Dutch language. And her script for a long documentary movie, Meerzicht, received 1993 the prize for the best script at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). The film has been realized and broadcasted. Europe or film culture: It’s always people that are in the center of Annemieke’s stories. They are portrayed in their own environment, the readers can grow into their lives, enabled by the author to learn and understand their motives, thoughts and actions. Some call this ‘slow journalism’, which is a wonderful description of the finest job on earth. At least, if you are interested in people all over the continent and beyond, and if you have definitely stopped caring about the scarce earnings such time-consuming journalistic work brings.

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